Thank God (and Mitch McConnell) Merrick Garland Isn't a Supreme Court Justice

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Thank God Merrick Garland isn’t a Supreme Court justice.

Every day I see this guy in action I light a candle of thanks to Mitch McConnell for halting Garland’s  ascension to the highest court in the land after Antonin Scalia died.

It’s bad enough that the current attorney general of the United States of America is every bit as ideological and partisan as Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch ever were.

Garland going after angry parents and indulging the hyperbolic and outrageous characterization of them as “domestic terrorists” for the words they use in public speeches is in banana republic territory, but at least he’s not on the Supreme Court interpreting words in blackletter law.

Garland is nakedly, transparently partisan and has misused his office to settle political scores with his and Joe Biden’s political opponents, but on the Supreme Court he’d produce a four vote bloc of far-Left justices. Not having Garland there deprives Chief Justice John Roberts of his favorite role of being the originalism-killing swing vote.

His prosecution of Captol rioters and trespassers is horrific for the rule of law. Venezuela’s version of “justice” has nothing on this DOJ crowd. Being on the Supreme Court would mean he could interpret law not just for Biden’s four years, but for the rest of his life.

He stuck his nose into the Texas abortion case, rooting around for some real or imagined civil rights violations. He called Georgia’s sensible election changes racist. It’s obvious he doesn’t believe in the Tenth Amendment or the idea of federalism.

When he was up for the Supreme Court following Justice Scalia’s death, this far-Left ideologue was described as “moderate” by the likes of Politico and most English-speaking mainstream publications and talking heads.

Believe us, the mainstreams insisted.

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He’s “congenial” and “moderate” cooed the backed-up whisperers over at NPR.

The progressives claimed he wasn’t Left enough.

Former senator Orrin Hatch, who should know better, called Garland “too moderate to get the nod from Obama,” reported Politico.

We know that these were all lies. All that talk of moderation was nonsense.

Merrick Garland is a salivating rights-killer slavishly devoted to the far Left.

Whatever moderating influence he may have had disappeared when he went from the DC Circuit Court to go to Main Justice.

Thank God — and Mitch McConnell — that Garland’s life as a “public servant” will be over for good in 2024.



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