Woman Who Testified Against Trump Also Introduced Authors of Fake Russian 'Dossier' to Each Other. Gee, What Are the Odds ... ?

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The political Venn diagram with Vladimir Putin and the Democrats in the Trump Russia scandal just officially added another notorious name. In fact, it’s why Fiona Hill’s name is trending on Twitter and why the Left is trying to hard rehabilitate her image.


You remember Fiona.

She was the selfless hero who testified against the president in the notorious Trump-Ukraine “Phone Call.”

As Vox breathlessly reported at the time, Fiona Hill “met for over nine hours with congressional staff as part of the House Democrat-led impeachment inquiry, kicked off by allegations last month from a whistleblower who said Trump linked held-up military aid Ukraine wanted to start an investigation into Joe Biden’s family.” “This is a big deal,” the publication declared.

Hill, a leftover from the previous administration and a Brookings Institute expert, helped frame the Trump impeachment by selling the idea that the Phone Call was impeachment worthy. We can only guess she was ready, willing, and delighted to try to torpedo Trump’s presidency because her first try didn’t seem to be working.

Get a #2 Ticonderoga. It’s time to fill in your Venn diagram.

It turns out that Fiona introduced two major fake Trump/Russia scandal architects to each other.


Fiona’s friend and co-worker at the Brookings Institution think tank was none other than Igor Danchenko. Fiona also knew Christopher Steele. She introduced the two. And faster than you can say furious, Igor was working with Steele to make up stuff for that collection of notes and “memos” known as the Steele Dossier.

But Fiona’s friends Igor and Christopher did more than that. Igor got the “intelligence” for the “dossier” from a Hillary Clinton P.R. maven.

Just spitballing here, but I’m guessing old Fiona and her friends know the P.R. guy too.

You can read about it at PJ Media, but the short take is this: The Democrats made up the entire Trump Russia hoax with the help of their friends at the FBI, CIA, Obama White House, Hillary Clinton campaign and … Russia.

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