The Morning Briefing: Biden's 'Hamas Helper' Trip to Israel Was an Embarrassing Disaster

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Joe Biden’s record of making any situation demonstrably worse simply by showing up is still intact after his trip to Israel. As I said in yesterday’s Briefing, all of us on this side of the aisle knew that nothing good could come of President LOLEightyonebillion being in the midst of such a delicate situation—and boy howdy were we right. Trainwreck Joe’s progressive policy-peddling blitz has undoubtedly made the world less safe.

That seems to be one of the only things that Biden is good at.

As is so often the case with Joe Biden, even when he does manage to get a few scripted words out without going off on a tangent about space dogs in a chocolate bath, he still doesn’t make any sense. Matt wrote about Biden’s justification for his insulting plan, and we’ll take a look at some of the more egregious nonsense from that:

For some reason, the president decided that he could insult Israel right to its face while in Tel Aviv because he asked the Israeli Cabinet to provide humanitarian assistance to Gaza civilians, “based on understanding that there will be inspections and aid should go to civilians, not to Hamas.”

Biden argued that the aid is needed because the “vast majority of Palestinians are not Hamas.”

“Palestinian people are suffering greatly as well,” he said. “We mourn the loss of innocent Palestinian lives like the entire world.”

But Biden wasn’t done.

“Today, I’m also announcing $100 million in U.S. funding for humanitarian assistance in Gaza and the West Bank,” he said.


This is a popular myth among the terrorism apologists in the Democratic party. We’ll get to the “Palestinians” thing in a moment.

Biden is giving money to Gaza. No matter how many times the Democrats and other leftists around the world deny it, Gaza IS Hamas, and vice-versa. The people of Gaza have chosen Hamas to be in charge and that’s not really a casual hook-up type of relationship that is easy to break off. There is no demarcation point where Gaza ends and Hamas begins. It’s a distinction that’s made by leftists to whip college kids into a frenzy and justify funneling funds to terrorists.

The history of humanitarian aid not getting where it’s intended to go in situations like this is a long, documented one. There are only two ways to look at Biden’s actions here: either he and his puppet masters are monumentally naive, or they’re intentionally giving Hamas an allowance. Matt says in his post that it “seems” as if Biden knows where the money will end up. Unfortunately, there are millions of gullible people who believe that this is a benevolent move on the part of the Biden administration. It’s a powerful public relations move. Anyone who doesn’t pity the poor Gazans is automatically a monster now.

What’s most galling about this charade is that the thoroughly awful human being who is, unfortunately, the chief executive of the United States of America stood amidst our allies and babbled on about what a tough time their attackers are having. “We mourn the loss of Palestinian lives like the entire world.” Really, Democrats? That’s what you pumped Biden full of Ritalin and epinephrine to say to the Israelis?


Past the age of 10 or so, there’s not a lot of “innocence” in Gaza. And, as the headline of Rabbi Michael Barclay’s column from last weekend stated, “There Is No Such Thing As ‘Palestinians.'”

As we’ve been discussing here for almost two weeks now, it is very easy to figure out who the good guys and the bad guys are in this conflict. The gray area that Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats keep pretending exists is where more bombs are made, and more people who are actually innocent get killed.

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