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"Instead of vilifying our community," Dems "are about recognizing our contributions," Sanchez tells PJM.
“We’re going to do everything we can to get this done," she vows to applause.
"Even if there is the prospect of violence" in protests "we must walk into the teeth of that violence," activist tells PJM at DNC.
Predicts "the threat to the First Amendment and free speech" in U.S. "is incredibly strong."
President warns against "retreat" into racism and nationalism in UN speech, advocates being "co-workers with God."
Art is dangerous. SJWs are going to eventually find that out.
Presidential directive says diverse workforce "more effective at problem solving than homogeneous groups."
Puerto Rican singer: After this election, politicians will "never, ever f*** with us again."
"These times are akin to the civil rights era of 50 years ago," says attorney general.
"I have to speak to the truth that I see," NBA legend says in D.C.
Jeffries predicts "majority of African-Americans who are going to race to the polls to get this done."