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Rich leftists do not want a homeless center in their neighborhood.
"We have a right to riot because you’re not hearing us when we speak in the way that you dictated that we need to speak."
New rules also create a diversity office to "facilitate a workforce that reflects members and the districts they represent."
N.Y. state Sen. Jesse Hamilton introduced his legislation because a white female Trump supporter called the cops on him while he was campaigning in his district.
"We have plenty of white men in our caucus," caucus chairman says. "I haven't counted lately, but I think we probably still have the plurality."
Employees "can either keep quiet or sacrifice your reputation and career."
The senator said the Republican Party is "going through some hard times, without any question" as "the rhetoric is not always helpful."
Researchers found it "possible that the ethnic diversity of the United States is protective against radicalization because communities are less prone to organize along binary identity categories."
After post-2016 campaign shakeup, more than half of DNC staff are women, while 44 percent now come from minority communities.
Kyle Reyes was told students would feel "unsafe" around him.