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"The only acceptable form of discrimination... is against conservatives and white men."
Crowley recognizes "support of almost unanimity within the African-American community was critical and crucial for this victory" in Alabama.
Or is it a token gesture to satisfy the need for SOMETHING TO BE DONE?
Curbelo calls it "a dark day on Capitol Hill" as "petty partisan interests have led the CHC to formally endorse the segregation of American Hispanics."
"Diversity and inclusion are not just about race, gender, or sexual orientation, but also about ethnicity," Johnson wrote to academy president.
But Flake fires back at president, noting Gang of 8 immigration bill with Schumer did away with diversity program.
"Let's pursue answers, not 'final solutions,'" Frank Stephens told Congress.
Funny, living in the country George Washington founded doesn't seem to bother them.
It's a simple solution, but it's a good one.
Is it any wonder attendance at Sunday services had dwindled to 12 people?
This is what happens when you construct a pluralistic religion of your own making.