Biden Admin Offers Palestinian Orgs $100K to Promote ‘Diversity, Equity’

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Therapy for terrorists? Or a desperate attempt to enforce LGBTQ ideology? Biden’s State Department has a new initiative offering a sizable grant to a Palestinian group that promotes “diversity, equity, inclusion.” There is no mention of whether that will require renouncing anti-Israel and anti-semitic views.


The U.S. Mission to Jerusalem aims to “Increase understanding and collaboration between Americans and Palestinians,” based on a government grant posted May 3. The grant notes there will be a “competition” between groups for the $100,000.

How about the U.S. Mission to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, increase some understanding between Palestinians and Jews, considering the constant and unapologetic terrorist attacks against Israelis by Palestinians? Will Palestinian groups that try to delegitimize the Israeli government or justify terrorist groups be excluded from competing? Or is the Biden administration simply exacerbating Palestinian-Israeli divisions again?

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Besides pushing Palestinian-American collaboration, the project aims to:

Enhance employability, entrepreneurship, and/or careers of artists, creatives, arts, cultural and sports professionals

Positively address issues of conflict resolution, mental health, resiliency, or trauma therapy through arts, culture, and/or sports

Promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, environmental protection, human rights, and/or a strong civil society via arts, culture, and/or sports activities and exchange.

Special consideration will be given to proposals that demonstrate how the program advances diversity, equity, inclusion, and/or accessibility with respect to race, ethnicity, religion, income, geography, gender identity, sexual orientation, and/or disability.


One wonders how receptive Palestinians will be to diversity and inclusion, considering many are devout Muslims — and thus anti-LGBTQ — and anti-Semitic (though some Arabs, or “Palestinians,” are thriving citizens of Israel).

Palestine” has never existed as a (Muslim) nation, and there was not a “Palestinian people” until the 1960s, when the term was first applied to a group of Arabs from various nations for political purposes. As David Brog, Executive Director of the Maccabee Task Force, previously explained for PragerU, the Arabs (now self-styled Palestinians) have been repeatedly offered their own state. That includes a proposal from the British that initially offered Arabs far more land than the Jews in what is now Israel, and later, offers from the Israelis themselves. The Arabs have turned down every single offer, because they don’t want their own nation; they want to wipe Israel off the map. Indeed, when the Israelis voluntarily ceded the Gaza Strip, Palestinians simply used it as a base of operations for terrorism. The Palestinian government in Gaza is tied to and contains officials from terrorist groups, especially Hamas. Palestinian terrorists committed a stunning 3,700 terrorist attacks in the first six months of 2022 alone.


The U.S. government grant says the initiative is meant to “partner with American and/or Palestinian non-profit organizations to implement activities which advance the applicant’s goals and the U.S.OPA mission, including but not limited to building Palestinian institutions, both governmental and non-governmental.” But the Palestinian government is tied to and contains officials from terrorist groups. How can the U.S. government prevent this grant from assisting in any way terrorists or their supporters?



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