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The U.S. envoy, native Afghan and former Bush administration UN Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, has been meeting with the Taliban in Qatar.
“For too long, parties to conflict have been committing atrocities with near-total impunity, and it is only getting worse."
Tehran claims the U.S. has been pumping ISIS into the region and that they need to work with Taliban to "curb the security problems in Afghanistan."
Resolute Support says another U.S. soldier killed over the weekend "was likely accidentally shot by our Afghan partner force" in fight with al-Qaeda.
"Please don't think that the violent act that took his life is representative of us or our sentiments towards Americans."
Three Americans wounded in attack after high-profile meeting in Kandahar; police chief who escaped nearly 30 assassination attempts killed.
Terror group says the White House decision to sit down in Qatar on Friday reflected a "rational decision and a lesson learnt."
Terror group calls on jihadists to attack this month's parliamentary elections and "no stone should be left unturned for the prevention and failure" of the vote.
PLO also gets kicked out of their D.C. office.
The Taliban had called for attacks in response to a planned Mohammad cartoon competition in Dutch Parliament.
Reports "prove that contrary to enemy propaganda" the terror group is really a shadow government, says Afghan terror group.