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Afghan terror group claimed that after establishing sharia state they want "to have positive and constructive relations with all countries of the world."
Taliban said in a statement last week that unless they can establish a sharia state, then they "do not have other choice except resistance and jihad."
Terror group fires back at president's dismissal of talks, warning "reactionary jihadic waves" will be "more violent" and increase U.S. losses "by many folds."
2 dead, 20 injured.
Threat over U.S. statements at the UN on coercing Taliban came just before gunmen stormed Kabul hotel popular with foreigners.
Bin Laden terror heir says his 12-year-old son, killed on the Af-Pak border, often "acted out the image of his martyrdom" while playing with other kids.
"It is because where there is Sharia there are slaves of Allah, there is hatred for injustice and love for justice," says chapter that hacked American to death.
Strikes "not going after the farmers who are growing the poppy," general explains, as they often labor as slaves for terror group.
Gen. Nicholson says Russians promoting "false narrative" that "there are thousands of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan" to justify their support to the Taliban.
Spokesman says anger in the ranks was due to potential reduction in terrorist attack "which will deprive them from martyrdom."
Professor Kevin King, abducted in August, "frequently losses consciousness and his health is deteriorating rapidly," says terror group.
Shiite militias "are not fans of inclusive governance" and "want to Lebanon-ize Iraq, just like they’d like to Lebanon-ize Syria."