The Morning Briefing: A Little Dutch Wisdom for Trump-Weary Republican Voters

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Jordyka had fallen out of favor with Swing Club after "surprising" the members with chocolate prune martinis at the last meeting.


We will kick off this week with something that quick, weird, and necessary. No, it's not a discussion about the importance of colonoscopies, although we probably should bring that up from time to time. 

As I was emerging from my regularly scheduled weekend news hiatus and looking for something to lead off with today, I was first drawn to a headline in one of Matt's posts that had the words "Nancy Pelosi" and "Poop" in it. It didn't take me long to figure out that writing about Granny Boxwine and 300 pounds of manure might end in me being banned from the internet. 

Juvenile humor doesn't always hit the way the author intends. 

Then I happened upon another story that had a quote in it that I knew I had to share. This is from Rick

Mark Rutte, the Netherlands's outgoing prime minister, is angling for the job of NATO Secretary General. And he's heard entirely too much lately about America's Donald Trump and what he might do if he's elected in November.

"We should stop moaning and whining and nagging about Trump," Rutte told the Munich Security Conference.

Ladies and Gentlemen: we have a winner. 

I'm going to take some creative license with Rutte's quote. He didn't intend it this way, but it is something that every Republican and independent voter who thinks that there is a sound alternative to Donald Trump needs to hear.

As we have discussed many times, the 2024 United States presidential election isn't a normal election. The Democrats have mounted a full assault on the Constitution and are doing everything they can to remake the Republic in a more Soviet image. Conventional election-year wisdom doesn't apply. Petty concerns and feelings have no place whatsoever in this contest. 


I've been saying something for years that is especially true for the 2024 election: you're voting for a president, not a prom date. This isn't a long-running episode of "The Bachelor" that's supposed to end with a love story. 

A vote for Joe Biden or whichever commie ends up on the ballot in November is a vote for the imminent demise of the United States. That's not hyperbole. This country is reeling from just three years of the Joe Biden fiasco, and he hasn't even had much of a Congress to work with. The cabal running his brain is a wrecking ball. The United States as we know it will not survive until 2028 with the Democrats in control of the White House. It may still be called the United States of America, but it's not going to be the same country. 

There is no "principled" reason for any Republican to vote for anyone other than Trump or any other Republican who might replace him should the Democrats' pre-election rigging work. Sitting this election out because of delicate feelings or a misbegotten sense of honor would be unconscionable. 

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It's time for any American who truly cares about freedom and the future of the country to "stop moaning and whining and nagging about Trump," as the wise Dutchman said. It's also time for a lot of people to grow up and get a grip on the grave nature of the choices facing voters in November. 

Yes, Donald Trump comes with a lot of baggage. It's not fascist, freedom-gutting baggage, however. 

I'll take a rough-around-the-edges, sloppy pro-American Republican winner over the totalitarian nightmare being offered by the other side any day. 


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