Illinois Mayor Dresses as, Imitates Fictional Gangster in Board Meetings

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This week in “life imitating art,” Mayor Tiffany Henyard of Dolton, Ill., reportedly dresses herself as fictional drug kingpin Nino Brown from an early '90s gangster movie in an apparent move to intimidate her rivals.


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Via New York Post (emphasis added):

Mayor Tiffany Henyard attends meetings dressed as a movie gangster and her residents say she plays the part – retaliating against them unless they do her bidding, The Post can reveal.

Henyard channeled drug kingpin Nino Brown from the 1991 gangster movie “New Jack City” at a 2023 gathering, an ensemble meant to intimidate, her critics claimed this week.

“People look at politics like a joke, it’s like a mockery right now because of all this stuff,” Village of Dolton Trustee Kiana Belcher told The Post. “She comes to board meetings dressed like Nino Brown.”

During one meeting dressed in the ensemble, Henyard, 40, signaled for a DJ to blare Rihanna’s “B***h Better Have My Money” as she sashayed around the room to punctuate a point she was making, sources said.

In a perverse way, I respect Mayor Tiffany’s honesty in that most politicians are nothing more than run-of-the-mill thugs in well-pressed suits and hundred-dollar haircuts.

Her service in further demeaning the industry in the eyes of American citizens is much appreciated, and so I encourage her to keep it up as long as she can remain in office.

“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” is pop fiction for rubes, the kind of rubbish that public school teachers would still be playing in civics class were the protagonist not white.

The United States arguably hasn’t seen a true statesman worthy of the pomp and circumstance ascend to high office in decades, if not centuries; there is nothing inherently noble about the profession of politics; the only noble creatures who make it to positions of leadership of state do so in spite of their nobility, not because of it.

And they usually don’t last long unless they learn to act right.


Henyard committed to the character, carrying a small stuffed dog to evoke a scene from the 1991 crime classic where Nino menaces and batters an underling, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The former burger joint owner turned local politician is under fire for allegedly plundering Dolton’s coffers for personal extravagances, and using law enforcement allies to oppress opponents.

Lawrence Gardner, 57, told The Post Friday Henyard shut down his trucking business because he refused to renew a $3,500 contribution to her political war chest.

Gardner claimed he made an initial donation to Henyard, but her minions kept coming back for more…

When he refused, Gardner said city officials fabricated claims he was illegally selling alcohol and yanked his business license.


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