The Morning Briefing: Joe Biden Admits He's Not a Fan of Joe Biden

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There is so much to not like about Joe Biden that it’s difficult to narrow down his worst traits. I’m gonna give it a whirl here, though.

In 2020, the Democrats sold this blithering idiot as a moderate, calm voice of reason alternative to Donald Trump.

The thing is, there was nothing in Biden’s history that backed up any of that.

He was always a divisive blowhard who had no filter between his brain and his mouth. Fragile leftists were so broken by Trump, however, that they were willing to buy into a wholly fictional version of Biden.


Now, President LOLEightyonemillion is so checked out from reality that he’s railing against himself.

Chris had an interesting story about Old Joe yesterday:

On Wednesday, Joe Biden hosted the national teacher of the year at a White House event. Naturally, he made a speech, which included one of the most audacious things he’s ever said.

“I got into politics, involved in politics because I think that the greatest sin that anyone can commit is the abuse of power,” he held forth. “Whatever that power is: the power of a teacher, the power of a doctor, the power of a leader — when someone is relying on you or you cannot … just the abuse of power.”

Chris then goes on to deftly detail how Joe Biden has abused his power. It’s quite the list, and we’re mostly dealing with recent examples.

Like all Democrats, Biden completely lacks any self-awareness. He sounds like a mumbling Skid Row drunk here. Why his handlers ever let him off leash anymore is a mystery.

Joe Biden may actually be the clearest example of the abuse of power that we have in American politics. He would be, anyway, if our brave journalist class would ever do any real reporting. We can just look at a slice of his son Hunter’s “snort all the blow off of the Ukrainian hookers” career to confirm that.

Happy weekend, everyone.


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