The Morning Briefing: Vin Scully Is Rolling in His Grave After Dodgers Cave to Pride Mob

The Morning Briefing: Vin Scully Is Rolling in His Grave After Dodgers Cave to Pride Mob
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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Raywald was gaining quite the reputation around the Roomba club for his inappropriate pairings of marinara sauce and pastries.

Full disclosure before we launch into today’s hot woke mess: I am an incurable sports fan. Yes, despite everything the NFL and Major League Baseball have done to alienate those of us who just want to watch the damn games, I still watch the damn games.

My favorite baseball team has really stepped in it this week. The Los Angeles Dodgers, while still inexplicably hosting a “Pride Night,” took a semi-principled step back from the lunatic left fringe. Briefly.

This is from Megan:

Have you ever seen a woke corporation grovel at the feet of queer activists? Just days after deciding not to give a “Community Heroes” award to the satanic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who mock Catholics in gross ways, the Dodgers felt the heat from tantruming queers and issued this retraction:

Megan’s post has the whole retraction. I’m not going to repost it here because — hooboy — it’s embarrassing, especially given the fact that it’s coming from the professional sports team that I have been most devoted to since I was a little kid.

One of my biggest problems with all of what’s gone on in professional sports lately is that it seems as if team owners and management are deliberately trying to offend and push away the very people who sustain them, all the while catering to non-fans. There isn’t a whole lot of sustainability as a business model there.

Megan gets to the point perfectly:

You will submit to the new rules or the angry queers will boycott! But considering how the Bud Light fiasco went, perhaps sports teams should be more concerned if straights decide to boycott. How many gay baseball fans are there? (Let’s be honest, most queer baseball fans are probably lesbians and they generally don’t get along with gay men or drag queens.)

Bingo. When the Bud Light you-know-what hit the fan, I wondered how many coastal LGBTQ+ potential customers they thought they might have out there.

The Dodgers are glorifying a blasphemous hate group that delights in mocking Roman Catholics. Los Angeles has the largest Roman Catholic population in North America. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has almost five million members, a number that I’m sure is far greater than however many drag queens might be buying Dodger Dogs one day.

The Dodgers’ homegrown fan base has a significant number of Latino Catholics. And, as my friend, colleague, and fellow Dodgers fan Jennifer Van Laar detailed in a post at RedState, some of the most iconic names associated with the franchise are or were Catholic. These include former owner Walter O’Malley, former manager Tommy Lasorda, and the man most beloved by Dodgers fans in history, legendary announcer Vin Scully.

Scully hasn’t even been dead a year and the Dodgers front office essentially just urinated all over his grave with this move. Anything they say about tradition going forward will ring pretty hollow. This is from Jen’s RedState article:

It’s not the faith of the Voice of the Dodgers, Vin Scully, a devout Catholic who humbly served in his parish in Westlake Village as long as his health allowed. Scully’s nephew, National Review’s Dan McLaughlin, said Monday night, “I cannot overstate what a betrayal it is for the Dodgers, of all organizations, to give a home to an anti-Catholic hate group.”

It’s impossible not to bring up the fact that an LGBTQ+ group that was devoted to mocking Islam wouldn’t be getting an invitation to Pride Night. They don’t exist, of course, because none of the progressive freak flag-flying fringe groups are as brave as the media would have us believe.

As I’ve written before, the thoroughly bigoted and intolerant LGBTQ+ rage mob isn’t big, it’s just LOUD. That scares the suits who make decisions about branding. In this case, the Dodgers’ suits were quickly cowed by the noise.

I’m not going to let the quivering pinheads who presently run the Dodgers organization ruin a lifetime of devotion to the team that plays the game I love the most. We’re going to be estranged for a while though.

I’m off to watch Vin Scully call Kirk Gibson’s homer in the ’88 World Series.

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