A criminal investigation may be warranted.
Even if you don't live in Utah. (But especially if you do.)
Church bells ring for the first time in more than two years in Bartella.
Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman wants DOJ to step in over "militarization" of law enforcement.
Earnest asked if Obama would move to Canada or New Zealand if Trump wins.
New survey reveals children are more disrespectful than ever. But is more TV really the answer?
Maybe it's time to stop giving these folks the rope to hang us with?
Even with the revelations, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg.
The latest Project Veritas video catches Hillary involved in illegal coordination.
The story of David Duke in Louisiana shows how the religious right has been an asset to the political scene.
“In so many ways, it’s a relief to admit that I’m not truly in control and to stop feeling that I should be.”
Calls him an "authoritarian."
Their answers will surprise you.
Producers set the darkest tone yet for zombiepocalypse show's seventh season.
Forcing heroes to pay for government waste.
The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change won't give a press pass to a Canadian media outlet.
Trump "makes a difference between a good Muslim and a bad Muslim," one supporter tells PJM.
"Hillary has already effectively declared war on Russia..."
"Donald, no, no, don't set her up this way..."
Come and help name the couple's new boat and talk about how babies are harming the planet.