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Hoyer argues global and national security are at stake.
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How liberated are you if you're waiting around for men to get their act together?
(May result in job loss, divorces, break-ups, loss of testosterone, public ridicule, or feelings of shame and despair.)
"A further attack may be imminent."
A suicide bombing though?
BREAKING: UK increasing terror threat level from severe to critical, believes another attack imminent.
His words are much more attuned with reality than were Obama's.
"You had the lowest turnout of blacks in a long time."
Terror group says Saudis paying a jizya to America while that money should be distributed to people.
Virtually every terrorist was already known to authorities, but no action was taken.
After meeting with Abbas, Trump assures Israelis that "the Palestinians are ready to reach for peace."
Abbas has lionized terrorist killers of children many times.
She harassed the white supremacist, demanding he be booted.
The least surprising news of the day.
At least 19 reported dead.
The "fake news" media actually has positive words for its nemesis-in-chief.
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Israelis welcomed the end of Obama's hostility.
But will D.C.'s foreign policy swamp undo his progress?