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Kinzinger slams Dems' calls for impeachment and Republicans dismissing Russia probe as “fake news."
Whether you believe stealthing is sexual assault or not, I hope that you believe that it's an abhorrent sin before God.
Whitehouse: “In a perfect world, cabinet positions wouldn’t be for sale to billionaire campaign donors."
Police reviewing "information publicly available about the suspect's extremist ideology."
“Jerusalem should have never been a bargaining chip to bring Palestinians to the negotiating table," says Franks.
A new low for the Left,the Deep State and the Media.
Hell hath no fury like a former First Lady scorned.
Leahy: “I think Jeff Sessions has really made a mistake. He’s saying one size fits all."
President needs to walk away from Obama's Paris deal.
Congresswoman criticizes Obama’s broadband expansion initiatives.
Post says details surfaced in Ambassador Kislyak's intercepted report back to his bosses.
Show me the money.
Some swell news to start the weekend off right.
Caucus chairman says legislation to require voter approval for removal shows “a deep-rooted belief in white supremacy.”
Who's left to root for?
Brown: "If the FIRED Act were in place, Mr. Comey would still be leading" Russia investigation.
Paralysis is yet another terrifying possibility from a tick bite.
Boris Johnson: "Trying to get people to love the country that they come to... is most important."
" ... police have told him to hold his classes off campus due to safety concerns."
Katy Perry trips on her tongue while Morrissey surprises everyone.
"Let's just give them the violence, it's a person, it's killing."
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