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White House blames "behavior of obstructionist losers," while Schumer says he dangled the border wall in talks with Trump but president was "rooting for a shutdown."
That won't stop Copeland from begging for your last few dollars.
The pro-life movement has "allowed our support to be claimed by politicians who are right on abortion and wrong on nearly everything else," says Jesuit.
An impressive demonstration of faith.
CNN in panic mode because we won't be able to watch them on our laptops when we're supposed to be working.
Feminists: it’s time to come clean. It’s the only way to make this right.
Threats, trials, purges. Yes, it can happen here.
Will women let feelings trump the Trump facts?
Irony alert: James Comey to teach ethics at Virginia college.
America probably isn't too far behind Canada's gag order on conservative Christians.
"You don't get to try to undermine our country—undermine our elections—and then simply get fired."
No, this isn't America's "original sin."
"Is this happening in America or is this the KGB?"
'It's like the Soviet Safeway."
Simpson: "The Russians infiltrated the NRA."
But she'd have to travel to an alternate universe where people actually like her.
Feinstein warns people will die if the government shuts down.
Bullying is only wrong when liberals are the victims.
Professor Megan Squire passes along information to those "who might weaponize it."
AQAP propaganda materials appear to have been offered on the bookseller's site for years, including magazine linked to Boston attack.