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State has only admitted 28 Syrian Christians since the inauguration.
There's something terribly rotten in the state of Denmark.
California is now basically South Carolina in 1861; it just hasn't fired on Fort Sumter yet.
On White House: "There are a lot of people who have nativist instincts that exist there that are contrary to some more proven norms."
Dem leader trusts Trump "will honor commitment" to save DREAMers from deportation "because the American people want him to."
"It reeks of subtle racism."
If so, why are liberals so afraid of it?
Hashtag warriors, unite!
They bring back humiliation rites to keep members in line.
"I want to do some the people who are propagating this kind of rubbish."
A new survey brings depressing results.
Welcome to the new normal. Are you fed up yet?
That's why he is so despised by the America-hating Left.
The Collaborator continues to do what he's done throughout a long and disgraceful public career.
President says Wilson "totally fabricated what I said," while Florida Dem charges Niger ambush could be "Mr. Trump's Benghazi."
"Like a gluttonous ogre out of the Brothers Grimm."