With the anger and violence against police in recent years, this isn't pretty.
Anti-Semitic? Horribly. But it's straight from Islamic scripture.
Party poopers.
Yes, three states celebrate the Confederate general on MLK Day.
The left's global collapse spreads to the Jewish State.
"Were you trying to just get clicks?"
Talk about your "First World problems."
"Politics has replaced the pursuit of truth."
Today's radicals want their icon back.
The company has been targeted by an anti-Trump campaign.
Trump declares NATO obsolete, praises Brexit, and criticizes Chancellor Merkel's refugee policies.
Boys were told to "Look out for her well-being on a date, be considerate."
Step 1: Remember that it's completely normal to feel this way.
Atlanta paper unhappy with president-elect's characterization of district as "falling apart."
The author died Thursday at age 89.
He's doing great so far.