We're going to find out if Bernie Sanders really wants to be president.
The director says: "I never intended to make anyone look bad." Of course you didn't, sweetie.
Transgenderism for dog lovers? Men pretend to be puppies, reject human nature.
Was it an accident?
Dowager Empress of Chappaqua on her last legs: Biden/Warren to the rescue?
Rep. Jolly also floats "the British model of taking political ads off of television."
Year after year, across all counties…
Some people have jobs, buddy.
...and some of life's simpler pleasures.
Rifleman, infantryman -- all up for review and potentially on the editing block.
“You like to run so much, why don’t you try running to heaven...”
"There will be jokes, there will be insults, there will be mischief and there will be roasting..."
"We would hope that he would seize the opportunity," State Dept. says of mullah who says "no" to peace deal.
How does the MSM solve a problem like Hillary?
"Keep the federal government out of our children's locker rooms and restrooms."
The IG was able to interview all past secretaries of State ... except one.
Bernie Sanders succeeded. The Democrats will become an anti-Israel socialist party.
New York's senior senator betrays the 9/11 families.
"I am the president of a nation that, at times, is threatened by very real risks -- not imaginary risks."
"I am forced to listen to the bitter vulgar incoherent ramblings of the minority leader..."