Bill Kristol's Trump Derangement Syndrome
"If you make social conservatism public policy you end up putting people in jail for their choices."
Some of their ideas are worth considering if you want to raise well-balanced kids.
Not so yuge.
Calls one reporter a "sleaze," another "a real beauty" as Hillary seizes on controversy.
Remember when Clinton was "ready to talk to anybody, anytime"?
Obama unknowingly plays his role, while Iran acts as a traditional Islamic conqueror.
Turkey retreats further into dictatorship.
"Every president is sobered by the reality" of separation of powers, Senate leader notes.
History is repeating itself.
"They just omitted key parts..."
Middles are disappearing everywhere, including education.
Will the new FDA rules involve even more government-funded animal testing?
Onetime Green Party candidate: "I know progressives who are nostalgic for Richard Nixon.”
In a child's world, it's simple: boys are boys and girls are girls.
But did Gov. Ducey go too far with the “Donald Trump Exception”?
Remembering why we remember on Memorial Day.
As you go to your BBQs and mattress sales, don't forget to take a few minutes and honor our fallen heroes.
Here's what drove over 1 million Americans to give their last measure of devotion.
America on Memorial Day 2016, where everybody hates each other.
Kristol teases upcoming announcement of "an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance" to challenge Trump.
Films that recall the meaning of service and sacrifice.
"It may be the version of Sharia that is not the strictest of interpretations that perhaps some extremists want..."