Without political correctness, we might not have a terror problem AT ALL.
"Make sure that we don't validate their claims that somehow they speak for Islam."
The Mainstream Media is just too tough on Hillary!
Is Facebook still censoring "political content"?
One of Clinton's alleged victims "goes there" on Twitter.
On ISIS: “We can’t just fight it by dropping bombs on it or retaking ground."
Don't mess with the narrative!
Is this going to be the next big parenting trend?
"American forces combating ISIL in Iraq are in harm's way," Defense secretary stresses.
He asked what Clinton would have to do to warrant prosecution.
You go, Timmy.
"Let those babies loose!”
This is the woman Hillary Clinton is suggesting as a role model?!?
Obama: It's not my fault the world is such a mess!
"We can only imagine that having heard the news, Vladimir Putin has called off his bear hunt..."
White House argued bill puts "our diplomats and service members at risk around the world."
No hurry there...
The story doesn't fit the preferred media narrative, so this may be the only place you read about it.
You know what? "Safe spaces" offend sufferers of ACTUAL trauma.
Screamo is off leash again.
"It was awful and it didn't have to happen."
After taking down plane, BUK system was "transported back to the Russian border."
“He said he is a ‘killer’ and we should know that.”