The Morning Briefing: Biden Border Disaster Rolls Out Red Carpet to the ChiComs

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Kayleen was losing friends over her insistence that she could see all three Golden Girls in the skin of her prize-winning cantaloupe.


Just a little over a week ago we were discussing the fact that the Biden border had seen an uptick in traffic from people who were on the terrorist watch list. The Biden administration deployed its flying monkeys in the mainstream media to give that news a journalistic shoulder shrug, of course. The combination of open borders and delusion can’t end well.

The latest uncomfortable news from the southern border Doesn’t involve people who are any watchlists…yet. Let’s just say that they’re watchlist aspirants. This is from a post that Catherine wrote yesterday:

Is the Chinese Communist Party already sending an invasion force across the wide-open southern U.S. border?

I reported for PJ Media in February on the big spike in Chinese illegal migrants entering the U.S. thanks to the Biden administration’s disastrous open border policies. I said that almost certainly there were plants from the mass murdering Chinese Communist Party (CCP) among the migrants and that it was the start of what could be a military invasion. Unfortunately, that seems to have been an even more accurate analysis than I realized at the time. Fox News reported on April 19 on the fact that groups of military-aged Chinese men now line up on a daily basis to head to the U.S. Is there an unacknowledged CCP military invasion of the U.S. happening right now?


OK, either something weird is going on or these guys really don’t know how to use Waze.

Catherine goes on to note that she’s not the only one asking this question. If you think about it, it’s the only question to ask. Or at least it should be one of the first questions asked. Getting to the United States from China via Mexico only makes sense if you’re dying and “seeing a bullfight right before going to Disneyland” is the last thing on your bucket list.

Who knows? Maybe I ‘m reading this all wrong and they’re not really here for us. This is from a recent post of Rick’s:

There are at least six known Chinese Communist police stations operating in the United States. Their mandate is to intimidate Chinese citizens (and probably American citizens who oppose them) and remind them that Beijing’s arm has a very long reach.

Great, a rogue commie goon squad is roaming free in the Land of the Free. Perhaps the new kids on the commie block are here to train Democrats.

It is tempting to say that the Democrats won’t acknowledge that there is a problem with the Mexican border until someone gets killed. They’re so married to the idea of open borders that even that wouldn’t move them though.

There’s also the fact that the American government is awfully chummy with China these days. Sometimes it seems as if we’re treating them more like trusted neighbor pals than the enemy we might be facing in WWIII. Team Biden might want to Google “arm’s length” and integrate that into their China policy.


Even though it’s unclear exactly what the new arrivals will be doing here, it’s not out of line to assume that it’s nothing good. And while the numbers who have crossed the border illegally have been small so far, I’ve heard rumors that China has a lot more were they came from.

Programming Note: The Mailbag was a little light this week so we’ll just roll everything over to next week.

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