The Morning Briefing: Climate Change Whackos Are the Real Danger to the Planet

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Chip tried to live a life free from regret, but the tattoo of a rutabaga under his left armpit reminded him that even he could plunge into darkness.


The climate alarmists have gotten so many things wrong in the last 50 years that they’d have no credibility in a sane world. Alas, we do not live in a sane world and these crazies are better funded and have more power than ever before.

The Biden administration is slavishly devoted to the Climate Church message, forcing the green agenda into every area of policy. It’s an even higher priority than making first-graders take field trips to drag shows. It’s full speed ahead with the assault on carbon, whether the world is ready for it or not.

Or whether the technology is ready for it or not.

Athena wrote a post earlier in the week about one effort to go green that isn’t working out well at all:

E-bike lithium-ion batteries have already ignited 25 fires within New York City limits this year, killing at least two and injuring 36. According to officials, that was quadruple the number of fires sparked by these batteries over the same timeframe last year.

In the climate-cult vision, the future of transportation is electric. The battery technology—whether for bikes or cars—isn’t where they want it to be yet, but that’s not preventing leftists from mandating transitions to their all-electric fever dream.

The vehicles that burn fossil fuels aren’t the only enemies of the climate state. This is from something Lincoln wrote yesterday:

As part of an English assignment, teacher Kim Cutler purchased bugs approved for human consumption from a website and gave them to her students. It was part of an assignment on–what else? Climate change. The premise was that cows, which produce methane, are depleting the ozone layer and should be replaced with ze bugs.

Your tax dollars at work! They’re indoctrinating kids to eat bugs rather than burgers to save the planet. And it’s an English assignment. Yeah, the Department of Education has got to go.


It is something that the climate lefties are now admitting that the methane gas from cow flatulence plays a part in ozone depletion. Not too many years ago, they were saying that the cow flatulence theory was a right-wing conspiracy to deflect from all of the havoc that humans were wreaking.

The bugs-for-dinner thing is part of the climate cult’s overall devolution blueprint for humanity. I attended the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancún, Mexico. I’d been sent there by Americans for Prosperity (Koch Brothers money!) to document and mock the proceedings.

The big expo showcasing “solutions” for saving the planet was, put mildly, insane. It wasn’t a vision of the future, but of the past. Dirt floors. Toilets that were little more than camping latrines. Hand-washing clothes. You can see how easy it is to get from that to having bug stroganoff for dinner.

The real threat to humanity is the stupidity of these people. Again, they’ve been wrong about virtually everything. Their solutions to problems, real and imagined, never fix anything. The only thing they’ve succeeded in is bleeding the American taxpayer dry and frightening a generation of young people so much with their lies that some are being treated in therapy for climate anxiety.

The only upside to this is that many of the younger climate cultists don’t want to breed because they’re convinced that we’re doomed, so a voluntary culling of the herd is underway.

We’ve got to take the wins where we can find them.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

Let’s dive right in with this from Bill in Chicago:


Lately, Old “Rock” songs are playing in my head as things in this country go down the toilet. Some titles:

“Life During Wartime” and “Burnin’ Down the House” – Talking Heads
“Goon Squad” – Elvis Costello
“Clampdown” and “I Fought the Law” – the Clash
“Time is Running Out” – Steve Winwood
“What’s this Life For” and “One” – Creed
I’m a “Boomer”; I stopped listening to rock or contemporary music back in the ‘90’s. The only contemporary band to whom I listen are the “Dropkick Murphys”

Now you’ve got me thinking, Bill. I may just make a Spotify playlist of “U.S. in the Toilet” songs. The current state of affairs has me listening to Merle Haggard’s I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink on a loop.

My fellow Arizonan Marni writes:

Hello Mr Kruiser,
Am I the only one surprised to find out that the White House uses real chicken eggs rather than candy-stuffed plastic eggs, which would be infinitely more appealing than a bland ball of hard-boiled protein for intrepid young egg hunters at its annual Easter Egg Hunt (cf. Rick Morgan’s piece “PETA urges Biden to use fake eggs at annual White House Easter Egg Hunt”)?

l like the candy eggs idea a lot. There are few things in life that are more entertaining than getting other people’s kids hopped up on sugar.

Vivian sent a lengthy, interesting email (I’ll try to answer it!) and I just wanted to share her opening line:

Thank you for supporting our Governor, he is a one-man wrecking crew and us Floridians enjoy watching a true Conservative at work.


I hear a lot of this from the people I know in Florida, Vivian. In fact, I know of some who don’t want DeSantis to run for president because they don’t want to lose him before his second term is up.

Momster offers this:

I must disagree with the poster who said that a mind capable of the Fabio reference was wasted on politics.

I believe that such a mind is PERFECT for politics!  What other mind could possibly wrap itself around the US government honoring Women’s Month by honoring a “woman” who is really a dude?  I guess there are just not enough actual women deserving of such an honor.  But I could be wrong.

I think what you’re saying is that it takes a lunatic to understand the lunatics. I don’t disagree with you. Rest assured that I will always be the right’s lunatic.

Wednesday’s “Sine Qua Non Sequitur” inspired Maurice to do this:

Ran “life size statue of Charles Nelson Riley made out of Crisco” on openai’s image generator: 

Absolutely priceless. Thank you for that, Maurice. The world is a better place now that this homage to CNR is in it.

And thanks to everyone who wrote in this week!

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