The Morning Briefing: I Won't Mind if Nancy Pelosi Wears a Mask Forever

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. It’s rough around these parts when the pickles run low.

I have the urge to disappear into the desert for a while. Elon Musk needs to get that satellite internet into the middle of nowhere up faster. We’ve all been a little light on changes in our geographical perspective this past year and I’m a big fan of bugging out for a few days to try and see things differently. The desert does have that ability to bake one’s thoughts down to their purest form, too. I don’t know why I’m sharing this tangent.


Do we ever know anything about my tangents?

The Democrats have apparently stopped following the science. Not only that, they’re done worshiping at the altar of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an organization that we’ve been told for over a year speaks nothing but the Gospel truth. It’s not as if I’m surprised by the flip-flopping. People who wander through life unburdened by morals, convictions, or the cognitive ability to process logic aren’t exactly known for their consistency, after all.

As long as the CDC could be used by the COVID tyrants as a cudgel to keep the masses oppressed in the name of public health, the Democrats treated it as most holy and righteous. Now that the CDC has said that we vaccinated folk don’t need to be wearing masks (which Doctor Diarrhea Mouth thinks we don’t understand), the Democrats have fallen out of love.

The Democrats talk about masks ad nauseam because, let’s face it, what else are they going to talk about?

Foreign policy? LOL.

The border crisis? WHAT CRISIS?

The roaring jobs market? Oops.

The hilarious thing here is that these paste-eating Democrat mask freaks are knee-capping the only real success that this administration has had, which is the vaccine distribution. Perhaps they’re struggling with the fact that Biden’s big win was only made possible by Donald Trump.


Granny Boxwine has decided that the House of Representatives needs to remain masked up at work, even though they got access to the vaccine long before we commoners did.

Bryan had some good questions about that:

So what’s Pelosi doing here? Is she saying the CDC’s recent announcement may be political? A sort of wag the dog strategy to distract the nation from Biden’s terrible, no good, awful presidency to date?

Or is she a vaccine skeptic who thinks they don’t really work?

Or is her continued mask mandate just more COVID theater?

Honestly, on my list of Top 100 Faces I’d Be OK With Never Seeing Again, Nancy Pelosi ranks really, really high. Stay masked up forever, Nan. In fact, let all of the mask fetishists keep the cult alive. They tend to be pinched, bitter people anyway. No one needs to see their faces, especially when we’re out in public trying to enjoy a meal.

If a mask can save just one lunch…

Unfortunately, the Senate got rid of its mandate, so we’re going to be seeing more of Chuck Schumer now.

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