The Morning Briefing: RNC Night 2—FLOTUS Is Classier and More Attractive Than Any Democrat Alive

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RNC’s Second Night Finishes With a FLOTUS Flourish

Hump Day greetings, my Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Let us try to keep things weird on our terms going forward.


The second night of the COVID RNC was an interesting mix of patriotic counter-messaging to the gloom-and-doom party on the other side of the aisle. Once again, I marveled at how much better the Republicans have gotten at this sort of thing of late. I only hope that it isn’t too late and all for naught.

Tyler’s nightly RNC wrap-up is here.

You have to understand how remarkable this RNC is from the perspective of an activist who has been watching the GOP get in its own way for decades. It’s surprising and amusing to me that the Republicans have finally learned how to play the game of politics in a more functional manner after a non-politician became the party’s standard-bearer.

The RNC speakers continued to relentlessly stay on message: a Trump re-election means a return to prosperity and a Biden election means a headlong plunge into socialism. Trump means law and order, Biden means the civil unrest we’ve seen spreads like a cancer.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The one pre-recorded RNC Night 2 speech I was worried about was young Nick Sandmann, he of Covington Catholic High School MAGA hat fame. I’m always a bit reluctant to see the youth thrust in front of the camera like that because there is a lot that can go wrong and it smacks of cheap opportunism. In Sandmann’s case, however, it was the always unhinged Left who brought him to national attention. His cameo was a poignant reminder that Democrats and their media monkeys are pathological liars.


Sandmann will no doubt catch renewed grief from all of the usual suspects, but he seems to be able to handle it all well.

 (Screenshot via C-SPAN)

The RNC highlight for Tuesday night was the speech given by First Lady Melania Trump.

Speaking from the Rose Garden in front of a small audience, FLOTUS gave an elegant. wide-ranging speech that touched on important issues, including the havoc wrought by the coronavirus.

FLOTUS continues to be gracious toward all Americans despite being frequently savaged in the thoroughly awful mainstream media. She exhibits none of the perpetual pettiness and bitterness of her immediate predecessor.

Liberals on social media wasted no time going after FLOTUS and reaffirming their awfulness. They even mock her accent, because they’re filth. It’s rather poor form for a crowd that likes to call us all xenophobes.

Our current first lady is a polyglot who didn’t come to America until she was in her twenties. Of course she has an accent. Rather than celebrate her language accomplishments, the Left disparages her. Can you imagine the hallelujah chorus of praise we have been hearing all these years if Michelle Obama could speak five languages?

The RNC thus far is minimizing the production mistakes. There have been hiccups, naturally, but that is to be expected given the unprecedented nature of these conventions this election year. The RNC is still outshining the DNC, but you won’t read or hear that anywhere in the MSM.

 (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Tonight’s RNC lineup will be headlined by Vice President Mike Pence. Perhaps we can hear from some of the media hacks who’ve spent 3 1/2 years insisting that Trump was going to replace him.

My colleagues will again be liveblogging tonight’s RNC prime time festivities. The link will be at the top of the home page.

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The Kruiser Kabana

“…you’re a lonely gentile Wonder Bread man from Nebraska.”

Oh, how I miss Rickles.

It’s probably too late to become the head of a major crime syndicate. We can all dream though.


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