Townhall's 'Triggered' Podcast: The Kruiser Kabana Crossover Episode

This get-together with my friends and colleagues Matt Vespa and Storm Paglia from our sister site Townhall was supposed to happen way back in February at CPAC. The actual Kruiser Kabana party was raging on there for four nights, however, and the days were a little hectic. There’s a reason that party has been a legend for a decade.

Anyway, we all know how March went. It’s taken us some time to coordinate our schedules, but here we finally are. We talk about the red meat topics of the week: the DNC post mortem, the RNC kickoff, and a variety of other fun stuff. Matt and Storm are great hosts — this is episode #211 for them — and I am probably the most amazing podcast guest in America. (Note the use of “probably” to prove that I’m becoming more humble.)

This one is an all-access podcast so everyone can join in on the fun.

Mild language warning here. The few incidents are bleeped out but I thought I’d give everyone a heads-up anyway.



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