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Relax, They'll Hate Republicans No Matter What Kimberly Guilfoyle Does

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This morning, as I was spreading fair trade almond butter on my ancient grains gluten-free toast like the globalist cuck RINO traitor that I am, I got caught up on the “news” about Kimberly Guilfoyle’s big WTF moment at last night’s 2020 Republican National Convention. As is my custom, I didn’t watch the RNC live, instead waiting to see what all the libs would complain about the next day. And boy oh boy, did Guilfoyle ever give ’em something to talk about.

If you didn’t see her speech, it doesn’t really matter, but here was the big finish:

I don’t know why Guilfoyle was YELLING VERY LOUDLY like that. Maybe she practiced her speech under the assumption that it would be delivered in front of a roaring crowd, and she just didn’t think to modulate her voice for a completely empty, COVID-safe room. Maybe she thought they were going to pipe in crowd noise or a laugh track or something. Maybe she was really that fired up about Trump and America and so forth. Maybe she’s completely out of her mind. I don’t know. I don’t pretend to know. But the result was really something else. It wasn’t as crazy as that Billy Porter/Stephen Stills trainwreck a week ago, but it was certainly entertaining.

And it’s already producing memes on both the right and the left:

That second one is fun. Libs love any excuse to reveal their true misogyny, don’t they?

So now, some of my fellow #NeverTrump soyboi libtard turncoats are all worried about the Republicans looking foolish. “Oh no, the media’s going to make fun of the GOP now. Stupid Trump. This was our chance to make the NYT and CNN and MSNBC like us, and they blew it!”

Did they, though? Seems to me that 99% of the media hates the GOP no matter what they do. If it hadn’t been Guilfoyle going bonkers, it would’ve been something else. They would’ve seized and pounced on any scrap of scandal they could find. That’s what they’ve always done, and they always will.

Hell, if they can’t find an actual gaffe to twist into Democratic Party propaganda, they’ll just concoct something out of thin air. Earlier that same day, Trump mentioned Obama and somebody in the crowd yelled out, “Spygate!” And how did the journos frame it? “Trump Supporter Calls Obama a ‘Monkey.'”

They heard “spygate” and turned it into “monkey” because they’re so obsessed with racism and filled with hatred of Republicans that it has driven them insane.

And I’m supposed to be worried about Kimberly Guilfoyle making a fool of herself?

Capitulating to liberals doesn’t work. Just look what happened to Mitt Romney. I know I’m not supposed to bring him up, but I really like the guy. Politics aside, he seems like a decent man. I voted for him in 2012, and I’d vote for him today. But as you may have noticed, he got his ass beat. He tried to be a nice guy, he didn’t hit back when they lied about him and/or pretended his trivial sins were somehow disqualifying — “Romney gave that woman cancer! He cheated on his taxes! He gave a kid an involuntary haircut in high school! He put his dog on top of the car!!!” — and he got steamrolled.

So the next time around, the electorate went the other way. They knew who Trump was and how he was going to govern, and they voted for him anyway. They didn’t care who didn’t like it.

What’s changed?

Who was going to vote for Trump before Guilfoyle’s speech but now isn’t going to vote for him? Who wasn’t going to vote for Trump yesterday but is now 100% MAGA? How is Guilfoyle “distracting from the issues,” when they don’t care about the issues anyway? How much will this speech, or this political convention for that matter, move the needle?

Every night there’s another riot somewhere. Who’s even going to remember a dumb speech in a week, or a day, or an hour?

Why is everybody still pretending it’s 2016?