The Kruiser Kabana Episode 63: Ricochet's Jon Gabriel Doesn't Want Joe Biden to Be His Bestie Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel makes a return appearance to the Kabana to discuss the otherworldly repackaging of noted hothead Joe Biden as everyone’s cuddly, empathetic pal.

After the Democratic National Convention wrapped up last week the sugar-coated version of Joe Biden that was being written about in the press was so over the top that I thought I might get cavities and Type II diabetes from it all. Every emo thing that was being put forward as a selling point for this fictional Biden didn’t resonate with me. That’s not just because I’m a Republican, it’s because I don’t need or want my elected officials to be my friends, I want them to do their damn jobs.

Jon tweeted something last Friday on this subject that did resonate with me, however, and I immediately texted him and asked him to join me for this episode.

The oddness of last week’s DNC gave us plenty of fodder but we looked at the all-important battle for control of the Senate as well. Jon is also an Arizonan and we spend some time discussing the pivotal Senate race here between Sen. Martha McSally and the carpetbagging, gun-grabbing China puppet Mark Kelly. Arizona has been undergoing a voting demographic shift for some time now. Democrats from failed states like California and Illinois keep moving here because the people they kept voting for there ruined everything. So they come here and vote for Democrats.

It’s madness.

Jon is one of the greatest Twitter follows you will ever experience. Trust me.

He also writes Op-Eds for The Arizona Republic. His latest one just happens to be about Californians flocking to Arizona because the Golden State has failed. You can read that here.

I will be back at the end of the week with a review of the RNC.

You won’t have to wear a mask for that.


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