Family Court Corruption Investigation: Complete Catalog

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The ongoing investigation into family court corruption across the U.S. is racking up so many columns that it needs its own catalog page. Here, you will find links to each piece as it is reported. This is a good link to share with anyone who wants to know the latest information on what is happening in the family court system. This page will be updated as more columns are published going forward.

Investigative series into Missouri family courts:
  1. Missouri Judge Sends 14-Year-Old Girl to Live With Allegedly Abusive Dad While Jailing Her Mom
  2. 31 Missouri Judges Recuse Themselves from Lawsuit Alleging Family Court Guardians and Psychologists Orchestrated Money-Making Scheme
  3. CAUGHT COLLUDING: Leaked Video Reveals Family Court Guardians Conspiring to Dox Journalist for Exposing Them
  4. St. Louis County Circuit Court Judge Nicole Zellweger, Who Jailed Mom, Recuses Herself From Custody Dispute
  5. Judges Gone Wild: Missouri Judiciary Makes Telenovelas Look Humdrum
  6. Citing COVID Concerns, Judge Cancels All Evictions in St. Louis County—Even for Fentanyl Dealers Terrorizing Seniors
  7. Missouri Mom Arrested AGAIN for Emailing Judge Who Ordered Daughter Into Care of Alleged Abuser
  8. Missouri Lawyer: Collusion in Family Courts to Cover Up Child Sexual Abuse Is Rampant: ‘These Attorneys Need to Be Disbarred’
  9. Missouri Family Court Corruption: The Fathers Tell All
  10. St. Louis Judge Holds Secret Hearing, Releases Mom Accused of ‘Threatening’ Controversial Family Court Judge
  11. Former Child Victim Speaks Out About St. Louis Family Court Trauma: ‘No One Would Help Me’
  12. Distraught Missouri Parents Hold Press Conference to Call Out Family Court Corruption; St. Louis Press Ignores Them
  13. St. Louis Mom of Murdered Child Says Family Court ‘Guardian’ Program Destroyed Her Life
  14. What Happened to Mikaela Haynes? Missouri Guardian ad Litem Withdraws from Case Involving Teen Suicide After Press Inquiry
  15. Psychological Games in Family Court: Missouri Parents Speak Out About Being Falsely Diagnosed with Mental Disorders
  16. More Lawsuits Filed Against Court Guardian Elaine Pudlowski in St. Louis Family Court Scandal
  17. Mikaela Haynes Committed Suicide After Being Forced to Visit Rapist Father. He Now Wants Prison Visits with Her Sister.
  18. Washington: Guardian Ad Litem Shannon Moreau Asks Judge to Deny Press Access to Recordings of Her Threatening a Father
  19. St. Louis County Circuit Court Presiding Judge Michael Burton Resigns!
  20. Shocking Lawsuit Alleges Mo. Family Court Judge Unlawfully Imprisoned, Terrorized ‘America’s Got Talent’ Stars
  21. St. Louis Media Finally Breaks Its Wall of Silence on Massive Judicial Scandal But Still Manages to Water it Down
  22. Who ‘Zoombombed’ a Family Court Hearing with Screaming Naked People—and Why?
  23. Entire Eastern District Court of Missouri Recused From Lawsuit Alleging Massive Family Court Corruption
  24. AGAIN: St. Louis Guardian Ad Litem Awarded Immunity in Second Lawsuit Alleging Fraud and Misconduct
  25. Missouri Social Services Lost Foster Kids to Sex Trafficking., and All GOP Lawmakers Can Do Is Say They’re ‘Disappointed’
  26. Missouri Guardian Ad Litem Served in Wrongful Death Suit for Suicide of 14-Year-Old Abuse Victim Mikaela Haynes
  27. Missouri Attorney Fights for ‘Mikaela’s Law’ to Remove Immunity From Family Court-Appointed Professionals
  28. Why Is Missouri’s Republican AG Andrew Bailey Protecting a Judge Who Abused Children?
  29. Lawsuit Against GAL Jennifer Williams Goes Forward in Wrongful Death Case of the Suicide of 13-Year-Old Mikaela Haynes
Investigative series into the Montana judiciary:
  1. Montana Judiciary Caught Lobbying Against Judicial Accountability in Email Scandal
  2. Exclusive Interview: Montana Republican Brad Tschida Moves Against Corrupted Judiciary
  3. The United States Judiciary is Acting as a Shadow Government and Must Be Stopped



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