The Fringe With Megan Fox, Episode 51: Yes, It's Legal to Criticize a Judge in America (For Now)

Join me this week on “The Fringe” to get the latest updates in the developing story I’m digging into regarding the 21st Judicial Circus Court in Saint Louis County, where the clowns appear to be running the show. Evita Tolu, attorney for jailed mom Angela Freiner, and a litigant in her own suit against the players in this courtroom drama joins me to update you on the next round of legal battles in store for Freiner now that she has been jailed for criticizing Judge Nicole Zellweger.

A threat to legally pursue disciplinary actions available by law against a judge who did bad things in court is not the same thing as threatening to harm or maim said judge, but Judge Zellweger decided to have Freiner thrown in jail on $75,000 no-cash bail for it anyway, even though her message contained no threats to do bodily harm. How can it be threatening to tell a judge you’re going to file a complaint with the committees and associations legally available to people who suffer judicial overreach? While it isn’t advisable for anyone dealing with a bad judge to email her directly, Freiner’s email is laughably devoid of any threat and perfectly acceptable under our laws about free speech without a hint of violence. What’s been done to her is retaliation against a whistleblower.

How much power do judges have over your freedom? The answer is too much. And it’s time to push back. This is the show where I teach you how to criticize a judge publicly without getting thrown in jail. (Or at least, I haven’t been yet. There’s still time for the 21st Judicial Circus Court to make something up and pretend to be terribly affronted and “threatened” by free speech and run to the police over it. Until then, I’ll be here openly criticizing judges who do bad things without a sliver of fear because this is not North Korea and the judiciary is not above criticism, mockery, ridicule, and anything else I can think of that will annoy them. Their job is to uphold the Constitution, not step all over it when they get their feelings hurt.