The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 56: On The Road in St. Louis Talking With Parents Across the U.S.

This week, I was in St. Louis chasing down the investigation into the family court system and doing in-depth interviews with the families affected by the corruption. This is a job that the St. Louis media will not do. When hundreds of victims come forward with the same stories of extortion, coercion, intimidation, and losing their children to a corrupt system and no one in the mainstream media will cover it, something is going on.

On this week’s episode, I catch you up on how the trip went, what I learned, who we met, and then I talk to a parent in Washington state who is going through the same scheme over 1,000 miles away. Why do the same stories keep appearing all over the country? Family court actors appear to have a pattern:

  • GAL is appointed to a case where one of the parents is unstable or abusive
  • GAL recommends “reunification” therapy to reunite the children with the unstable or abusive parent
  • Therapists accuse stable parent of a DSM-5 personality disorder like narcissistic or borderline personality disorders and accuse them of “parental alienation” because the children don’t want to see the unstable or abusive parent
  • GAL and therapists agree to remove time from the stable parent and force the children into visitation or custody with unstable or abusive parent
  • The judge never catches on and agrees with whatever the court experts want
  • For the pleasure of being put through this circus, it will drain the parents’ life savings and college funds.

Tune in to hear a case that is going through these steps right now. I sat in on Jacob Burkhart’s hearing and couldn’t believe what I heard. I could have written this script. (Except for the puppy-starving therapist I’ve nicknamed “Cruella DeVille.” I didn’t see that coming. Wait for it.)