The Fringe With Megan Fox, Episode 58: I'll Back the Blue When They Back the Constitution

You know what I’m tired of? Cops who don’t protect our constitutional rights. I’m following a story in Missouri right now about a family whose children were removed from them improperly, without a warrant, and their newborn baby is about to get snatched in the same way, without a warrant and without exigent circumstances.

According to the law and several court cases, exigent circumstances are clearly defined as imminent danger of death or dying or loss of limb. In other words, severe circumstances are the only circumstances that can impede your Fourth Amendment right not to face unlawful search and seizure. This applies to taking children without a court order, too, but almost no child welfare office obeys the Constitution.

Right now in Lawrence County, Missouri, the sheriff’s department is acting in concert with the juvenile office to take custody of a baby without a warrant and without clear exigent circumstances. I have two Lawrence County sheriff’s officers on tape admitting that they treat “exigent circumstances” as purely subjective and at the officer’s discretion.

Tune in to hear the Constitution burning and no one doing anything about it.