The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 55: What are Family Courts Hiding?

This week I update you on what I’ve been doing all week and why I’ve had a difficult time getting content out. The multi-part investigative series I’ve been working on about the family court controversy has spread to several other states besides Missouri. More and more parents who say their due process rights are being violated have asked for media oversight of courts in their state, like Kansas where several women say they’ve been forced to co-parent with violent offenders. But the judges in these courts don’t want me in there and they’ve gone to great length to keep me and other journalists out.

Find out the latest intrigue going on in the courts and hear my argument for opening family courts to the press. I’m going to have Judge Judy’s incredible quote needle-pointed on a pillow one of these days that “family courts are a dumping ground for morons and political hacks.” What are they hiding? Why can’t we see how they behave on the bench? Why can’t we watch open public bond hearings? What in the world is happening?

Also, I update you on my growing pup Archie Ruckus and his silliness and commentary on what barrelling toward 45 looks like for me this month. All I want for my birthday is cameras in family courts. Think I’ll get it?