The Fringe With Megan Fox Episode 50: DON'T LISTEN TO THIS by Order of the Black-Robed Missouri Monarchy

What the heck is going on in St. Louis? That’s a topic I’m trying to get to the bottom of and meeting with extreme opposition. The St. Louis press is mostly silent with the exception of one radio talk show host, Marc Cox. Press outside of St. Louis seem more willing to cover it, but mostly, it’s a wall of silence. But how can the St. Louis Dispatch not cover the fact that one lawsuit made 31 judges recuse themselves from it? That’s the entire 21st circuit court!

My investigation so far has uncovered a judge colluding with guardians ad litem (GAL) against a defendant in his court, GALs colluding with each other to raise money to hire a private investigator to track down and dox a member of the media, and much more. The reports have prompted a flood of emails from all over the country telling the same tale of abuse in the family court system. Guardians ad litem, psychologists, judges, lawyers, and other professionals are reported to have conspired against litigants and hidden child abuse while placing children with the people they say hurt them.

It’s inexplicable why this is being so suppressed by media that is supposed to speak truth to power. It doesn’t get more powerful than a whole circuit court, does it? Tune in for my updates on what’s going on and my thoughts on it.