The Morning Briefing: Dems' Love Affair With Backstabber Liz Cheney Will Sink Them

The Morning Briefing: Dems' Love Affair With Backstabber Liz Cheney Will Sink Them
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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. My Lazy Susan actually works quite hard for me.

While it’s true that I’ve always found it rather easy to mock the Democrats, it’s never been as nearly effortless as it is these days. They’ve become such a spectacle that it’s almost as if they’re doing it for my benefit.


Of course, I owe it all to one Donald Trump.

Ever since Trump broke the poor dears they’ve been in self-destruct mode and don’t even realize it. Yeah, I say that despite the fact that the Democrats have the White House and Congress right now. As I wrote last week, Trump remains an obsession for the Dems and it is leading to all sorts of unforced errors for them.

We are currently being inundated with drama about the anniversary of last year’s Jan. 6 fake insurrection, which the Democrats are now treating like the holiest day of the year on their calendar. The amount of prevarication from them regarding this is staggering, and I say that as someone who’s been writing about Democrats being liars for a couple of decades now.

Democrats are pretending that they’re worried about a variety of things because of what they say happened last year, but as Matt wrote yesterday, it’s really all about screwing over Trump:

But what’s the committee’s real purpose? Let’s ask Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.).

In an interview on CBS’s Face the Nation, Cheney was asked by host Margaret Brennan if she intended to run for president against Trump in 2024, and Cheney said the quiet part out loud about the true goal of the committee.

“I’m very focused right now on my re-election and on the work of the select committee,” Cheney replied. “I can tell you that the single most important thing, though, is to ensure that Donald Trump is not the Republican nominee and that he certainly is not anywhere close to the Oval Office ever again.”

A moment of honesty! The committee doesn’t care about justice for those involved; this whole charade is about preventing Donald Trump from running for president again.


There’s the most bizarre part of this entire charade: Republican Liz Cheney has become the face of this witch hunt for the Democrats. I have to pay attention to the news at least five days a week and almost every social media post or news story about this big anniversary is accompanied by a picture of Cheney. She is presently the most useful to them in their stable of Republican useful idiots (sorry, Ana Navarro!) and they’re getting their money’s worth out of her.

Democrats obviously believe that having a turncoat Bushie Republican like Cheney in their frothing Trump-hater show trial gives them some credibility.

I maintain that it’s another thing that keeps them off their game and will be just one of the many things that will serve to bring about their electoral doom in November.

Cheney is no doubt filling Democrats’ heads with tales of how there are really a lot more Republicans out there who agree with her but they’re not willing to be public about it. She’s said things like this to reporters in the past.

She’s also full of it.

Liz Cheney is delusional and Democrats are greatly overestimating her influence.

I’m rooting for this tragic couple to stay together for at least another 11 months.

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