CNN Gets Trolled by Fake Twitter Profiles on NYE and It's Hilarious

CNN Gets Trolled by Fake Twitter Profiles on NYE and It's Hilarious
Tina Fineberg

On New Year’s Eve, I made the mistake of letting the kids turn on CNN’s version of mainstream “entertainment.” We were met within 30 seconds of tuning in with a masturbation joke. That was the end of that. However, since we turned it off, I missed a great moment, when the public decided to punk CNN with some fake Twitter handles like “Mike Oxlong” and “Ben Dover.”

CNN aired the tweets during its live NYE coverage with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

“Another shot @Andy,” said @DixieNormussss.

“Regina King is slaying the game looking better than ever!” said @BenDover837.

“Regina is wonderful! Love her as well as Andy and Anderson of course,” said @Shun86LGM, whose profile name appears as “Anita Blackman.”

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Why are we still doing these NYE live countdown shows? None of them are entertaining and they’re getting raunchier and raunchier. The Nashville special was far better than anything on the cable networks. Watching a live concert instead of drunken idiots was much less annoying. There wasn’t even one masturbation joke!

Why is watching Anderson Cooper do shots entertaining? Can you imagine Walter Cronkite doing this? How are these people taken seriously as news anchors?

And I can’t be the only one who finds whoever this is offensive. Watching Don Lemon fake laugh over the worst misandrist joke of all time is pretty awful. But I guess a black woman can say whatever anti-male, sexist nonsense she wants because … reasons. Men are the last group of people anyone can tell offensive jokes about. I have no idea who this woman is or why she’s on TV, but it says a lot about CNN that they didn’t cut to a commercial during this revelation. It’s so gross, I’m not going to type out what she said. You can watch it. (But don’t watch in front of kids or at work. Headphones.)

While the joke Tweets were in bad taste, so was cable TV’s entire NYE lineup. Why can’t we have nice things anymore?

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