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BUSTED AGAIN: AOC Maskless and Kissing Broadway Star at Florida Drag Queen Event

BUSTED AGAIN: AOC Maskless and Kissing Broadway Star at Florida Drag Queen Event
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

“AOC maskless” is quickly becoming the “Worthwhile Canadian Initiative” of political headlines, if only because endless repetition has sapped her blatant hypocrisy of any thunder. But I bet you didn’t see “Kissing Broadway Star at Florida Drag Queen Event” coming, did you?


The New York City Democrat Congresscritter seemed to be having more fun than is allowed by law — at least more than is allowed back home — getting a big smooch from Kinky Boots star Billy Porter.

Benny Johnson has the pics because it did happen.

We’ve got video, too.

SFW, I promise.

Frankly, I don’t mind Ocasio-Cortez enjoying the good life in Florida and neither should you. New York is just so drab and closed down and awful, anyone who doesn’t want to get out is probably one of those people who thinks two-year-olds need to mask up or who exile themselves in an airplane bathroom for three hours after testing positive.

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Florida is free and freedom works, as even “democratic socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tacitly admits in these photographs.

What makes me chuckle is reading AOC calling me (and people like me) a “creepy weirdo” for “obsessing” over her Florida antics. That’s such a high school mean girl response — I’d add “unworthy of an elected official,” but we’re clearly past that now — that it doesn’t merit any reply more serious than, “Oh, please.”

If that.

What I do mind, greatly, is AOC flaunting her privilged status while doing everything she can to keep her constituents living in fear.

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