SCIENCE! CNN Finally Admits Cloth Masks Don't Stop COVID (But Nobody Told Biden)

(Screencap courtesy of CNN.)

“Cloth masks are not appropriate for this pandemic,” CNN’s Dr. Leana Wen said on Monday night.

“It’s not appropriate for omicron,” she continued. “It was not appropriate for delta, alpha, or any of the previous variants, either, because we’re dealing with something that’s airborne.”


The CNN host and whoever that other guy was — I do not watch cable news — sat there looking incredulous.

Here’s the clip:

That’s not quite a turnaround for Wen, who also writes for the Washington Post and served as President of Planned Parenthood.

This time last year she was tweeting things like, “Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations and should not be considered an acceptable form of face covering.”

Instead, she called on the government to “require (and distribute) medical-grade surgical masks to be worn in crowded indoor spaces.”

Ever worn an N95 mask to a restaurant, a football game, or a concert? Those things are a pain even in ideal circumstances where you aren’t trying to eat, have fun, or enjoy a nice conversation.

On the other hand, back in July of 2020, Wen was actually touting cloth masks on Twitter. “It’s a lot less uncomfortable than ventilators, dialysis lines, all of those things that have had to happen to my father,” she warned.

In October that same year, Wen scolded her Twitter readers yet again. “We are asked to wear cloth over our mouth and nose, wash our hands & avoid crowds,” she chided “Seldom has so little been asked for so much benefit.”


You can read Wen’s “evolution” via the magic of screencaps here because the internet is forever.

What worked in July of 2020 isn’t any good in December of 2021 for some reason.

I suspect the reason is political.

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New York City, for all its mask mandates, recently accounted for a stunning 29% of all new COVID cases across the entire nation.

If we are finally allowed to admit that the masks are no good, it might be because, as Jack Posobiec tweeted, “We are in the turn.”

That is, the turn away from COVID safety theater. The Dems are in panic mode over the upcoming 2022 midterms. They’re so desperate that they might try absolutely anything, even if that means telling the truth about COVID.

Not the whole truth and anything but the truth, but just enough truth to step down from some of the most unpopular COVID restrictions.

REMINDER: Omicron has COVID cases spiking to levels unseen since this time last year, despite all the vaccinations… but COVID-related deaths are down by a just-as-stunning 72%. Maybe we should relax a bit.

Apparently, no one has told Presidentish Joe Biden.

You remember Old Joe, Right? He’s the alleged president who recently devolved his promise to “shut down this virus” back down to the state governments.


Well, he still has his own take on personal safety.

Biden can be seen here, double-vaccinated, fully boostered, outdoors on the beach, with no company other than a dog on a leash and a professional photographer at a flattering zoom distance away…

…wearing a cloth mask.

If you’re wondering exactly what it is we’re supposed to believe anymore, the answer continues to approach “nothing” on an asymptotic curve.


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