The Morning Briefing: Hitting Back at the Democrats' Corrupt Media Enablers

The Morning Briefing: Hitting Back at the Democrats' Corrupt Media Enablers
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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Cabbage and garlic are my superpowers.

As we wander through the wreckage of Joe Biden’s wasteland of a presidency in this barely recognizable America, it’s important to remember EVERYTHING that got us to this point.

I wrote last month that the mainstream media in America is almost criminally complicit in the damage that Joe Biden and his puppet masters are doing to the United States of America. They’ve been propping up this addled maniac for a couple of years now, going so far as to spend all of the 2020 presidential campaign crafting a fictionalized version of him to sell to an ignorant, memory-challenged electorate.

As we are all painfully aware, this all follows several years of the most despicable display of journalistic malpractice witnessed in this country, as the MSM lied 24/7 to destroy a president who hurt their feelings.

Social media outlets may be the new kids on the block, but they are very powerful and in complete cahoots with traditional media in the effort to advance the Democrats’ radical agenda and dismantle the Constitution.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google (via YouTube) have appointed themselves the arbiters of truth, which always just happens to be whatever the Democrats’ false narrative du jour is. Conservatives are censored in an arbitrary and whimsical fashion, often with dire financial consequences.

As Biden and Co. continue to ruin everything they touch, the media will only get worse, giving a pass to the administration’s ceaseless tragedy of errors. The White House will continue to show no compunction about lying and they will double down on those lies. A.J. had this story yesterday:

When it comes to their border security agenda, facts seem not to matter at the White House.

The Biden administration’s stance on Texas border agents “has not changed” despite the fact that erroneous reports that migrants were being “whipped”—begun by PBS White House Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor—have been wholly debunked.

We can’t roll over for this dystopian horse you-know-what and we aren’t. Our own VodkaPundit wrote a column yesterday about Facebook getting some pushback from John Stossel, whose syndicated column is published here every week:

Conservative-libertarian journalist John Stossel suing Facebook for two million dollars is a good start — but only a start.

Variety reported late last week that the popular TV and internet personality seeks damages of no less than $2 million for defamation via the company’s fact-checking system.

Facebook’s capricious fact-checking “system” is a routine problem for those of us in conservative media. As I’ve mentioned here before, our primary weapon against our Orwellian foes has been our VIP subscription program. In an ever-shifting and ideologically combative media landscape, the premium content option isn’t merely a way to make more money, but the key component to our survival and ability to keep pushing back against the insidious leftmedia.

Most of the content at PJ Media will remain free, but the other side of the paywall is our safe space.

It’s also a lot of fun. There’s plenty of serious content from our talented writers. We’re also doing podcasts and videos. Mr. Green has recently begun doing cocktail videos. Who better to learn how to mix booze from?

Our VIP Gold subscribers get access to the premium content at every Townhall Media site (PJ Media, Townhall, RedState, HotAir, Bearing Arms, and Twitchy).

Every Thursday, VodkaPundit and I host a rollicking three-hour live video chat for our VIP Gold friends called “Five O’Clock Somewhere,” so named because it’s a virtual happy hour. Each week we have a guest from the Townhall Media Mothership join us to sit in “The Seat of Uncomfortable Ecstasy.” Our old friend Kurt Schlichter will be with us this week.

It’s an informative but fun party over on the other side of the paywall. As ways to stick it in the eyes of the leftist media hacks go, this is easily one of the more entertaining ones.

Our VIP subscribers are what got us through this last year and a half and I am forever grateful to them. If you like to give the party a try, you can subscribe here, using the promo code AMERICAFIRST to receive a discount.

We’d love to see you there.

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