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Grab Your Checkbook: Lyin’ Joe Gives His 'Word as a Biden' Not to Raise Taxes for Those Making Less Than $400,000

Grab Your Checkbook: Lyin’ Joe Gives His 'Word as a Biden' Not to Raise Taxes for Those Making Less Than $400,000
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On Sunday evening, Old Joe Biden’s presidential Twitter account gave us this: “I give you my word as a Biden: If you make under $400,000 a year, I’ll never raise your taxes one cent. But, I’m going to make those at the top start to pay their share in taxes. It’s only fair.” Whoever tweets for Old Joe has mastered some of his favorite phrases, as he has made many pledges while giving his “word as a Biden.” Given Biden’s decades-long history of lying, which Matt Margolis ably documents here, now that Joe has given us his “word as a Biden” that those of us who make less than $400,000 won’t be paying higher taxes, we better be ready to pony up considerably more to the IRS than we have had to for the last few years.

President Dementia repeatedly presents his “word as a Biden” as if the Bidens were famous for their honesty and integrity, when it would be hard to imagine something farther from the truth than that. Biden has quite a track record: When he gives his “word as Biden” that something is true, it’s usually false. One notorious example came on March 24, 2020, when Old Joe published on Facebook a graphic saying “No president can promise to prevent future outbreaks, but I can promise you this: when I’m president, we will be better prepared, respond better, and recover better. We’ll lead with science and listen to the experts. And I will always tell you the truth.” (Emphasis in the original.) He added: “I give you my word as a Biden.”

He will always tell us the truth? How can we even know for sure, when he more often than not walks away from the press corps without answering a single question?

And even the New York Times is growing skeptical regarding that “lead with science and listen to the experts” business: “As he announced on Friday that booster shots would be available to some Americans, President Biden made a prediction: His administration was likely to soon provide third doses of the vaccine ‘across the board’ to anyone who wanted one.” However, this was just “the latest example of how Mr. Biden and some of his team have been ahead of the nation’s top public health scientists, who have emphatically said in recent days that there is simply not enough evidence to suggest that boosters are necessary for the entire American population. In fact, two panels of scientists — one for the Food and Drug Administration and the other for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — voted in recent days against recommending boosters for everyone after fierce public debates streamed online.”

The serial liar also gave his “word as a Biden” on a campaign story he told about a Navy captain who tried to refuse a Silver Star after trying and failing to save a wounded comrade. The story, as it turned out, was completely false, and Biden must have known that when he was giving us his word as a member of this notoriously upright clan that it was the God’s honest truth.

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There is actually very little, if anything, to substantiate Old Joe’s assumption that his “word as a Biden” means something. Where and when have there been any Bidens known for their integrity? After all, the world’s second most famous Biden is Hunter, whom Democratic donor Sam Jauhari described in a just-released 2015 email as an “alcoholic, drug addict” who “constantly needs money…and many more headaches.”

The New York Post summed it up: “Hunter Biden is a wreck who does well simply by milking his ability to influence his dad, a game he learned decades ago from his Uncle Jim, Joe’s lobbyist-fixer brother. And the president’s son is still at it: His current ‘art auction’ is a naked bid for six-figure payoffs from those hoping to buy his dad’s goodwill — and the Biden White House is reduced to putting a fig-leaf on it with dubious ‘ethics rules.’ The only real question is how much President Joe Biden has personally benefitted from all this — and exactly what decisions he’s made to benefit Hunter’s clients.”

And that’s just the PG-rated part of Hunter’s story. From the track record of both father and son, it’s reasonable to assume that when Old Joe gives his “word as a Biden,” we should expect the opposite. So when his handlers tweeted Sunday night that only those making over $400,000 a year were going to get their taxes raised, it was time to reach for your checkbook.