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No Racism? No Problem! College Racial Hoaxes Are Back

No Racism? No Problem! College Racial Hoaxes Are Back
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Don’t you just hate it when there is so little racism that you have to fake it?

The latest bogus racism looks a lot like all the other fake racism: anti-black graffiti, swastikas, and perhaps a noose, followed by local outrage and lots of virtue signaling. The culprit is arrested and liberals try to hide the vandal’s identity because… awww shucks, you know why.

Fake Racism

The recent “racist” attack at Emory University is no different. Graffiti depicting racial racial epithets was discovered near where two black women work, graffiti depicting a swastika was found near the office of a Jewish guy, and some vending machines were vandalized.


Cue up the outrage. Emory University released a statement after the “attack” on their Autism Center:

These acts of racism and antisemitism are painful for all of us at the EAC and in the Emory community. They will not be tolerated and every effort will be made to bring the perpetrators to justice. Our priority remains the wellbeing and safety of our faculty, staff, learners, patients and their families, and upholding our values and Emory’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion”–the three buzzwords of the left–are about to become important.


Not surprisingly, the “bigot” isn’t a white goober in a MAGA hat. The culprit is a part-time, temporary Emory employee, who happens to be a middle-aged black man named Roy Lee Gordon, Jr. He was arrested last week and was somehow only charged with burglary in the second degree. I guess painting a swastika is no longer considered a hate crime.

Emory released the name of the offender but no information on Gordon’s race. So much for diversity, equity and inclusion. If their “priority remains the wellbeing and safety of our faculty, staff, learners, patients and their families,” why not tell the students and faculty there isn’t a racist prowling the campus after all?

A similar “attack” occurred at Albion College in Michigan. “KKK” graffiti and outrage. Roughly 450 virtue-signaling students and faculty marched against the “racism” found on campus and many boycotted classes.

Same old, same old: A black student was busted and the school didn’t mention the race of the criminal.

A 17-year-old BLM activist and student at Viterbo University set fire to her own dorm. At first, she claimed it was yet another racist attack against her. She later admitted to police that she set the fire herself, but pleaded not guilty in court. The school’s president released a statement saying that the police had a person of interest, and that that person would no longer be a part of the Viterbo community, but failed to even name the student.

A black student at Wayne State University in Detroit egged her own door, hoping to snag a leadership role at the school’s Black Student Union.

A letter full of racial hatred was recently sent to black student groups as the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. The letter, full of grammatical errors, reads like a KKK manifesto.


It’s too soon to say whether or not this is yet another hoax, but I will be watching for it at

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