[WATCH] The Babylon Bee's Side-Splitting Parody of the FBI

[WATCH] The Babylon Bee's Side-Splitting Parody of the FBI
Image via YouTube

Drop what you’re doing and gather the kids. You must watch this video by the Babylon Bee totally ripping the FBI for setting up Americans in various plots around the country, including January 6. It’s looking like there’s a 95% chance the FBI was deeply involved in it, if not responsible. The New York Times says the FBI had at least two informants involved, and most of us are waiting for even more damning info to come out after that bombshell. (If they knew ahead of time, why didn’t they stop it?) But leave it to the Bee to put to video what we are all thinking better than Saturday Night Live ever could.

Seriously, my kid and I were laughing so hard and loud at this that my other children came wandering into the room to see what all the ruckus was about. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. Make sure to watch it at least twice to get all the references to all the events that the FBI screwed up this year. God bless the Babylon Bee. Good times. 

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