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WaPo Reporter Gets Destroyed for Comparing Chris Cuomo Interviewing His Brother to Steve Doocy Interviewing His Son

WaPo Reporter Gets Destroyed for Comparing Chris Cuomo Interviewing His Brother to Steve Doocy Interviewing His Son
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Washington Post reporter Jeremy Barr thought he had a real gotcha moment Monday morning when he posted a screenshot on Twitter of Fox News host Steve Doocy doing something atrocious.

“Many Fox News personalities have rightly criticized Chris Cuomo for interviewing his brother,” Barr tweeted. “Here is Steve Doocy interviewing his own son this morning.”

The younger Doocy was on the air with the Fox & Friends panel discussing the border crisis and his recent clashes with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

It’s hard to imagine how Barr could possibly think that Steve Doocy interviewing his own son, Peter Doocy, who is also an employee of Fox News as the network’s White House correspondent, is at all comparable to CNN’s Chris Cuomo interviewing his brother while he was the governor of New York. Did he actually think he had a legitimate example of hypocrisy from Fox News?

Barr’s embarrassing flub was so bad that “Peter Doocy” was actually trending on Twitter Monday afternoon.

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“This would be an excellent parallel if Peter Doocy were the governor of the fourth-most populous state instead of a reporter on the same network as his father,” tweeted Tim Murtaugh, the former Trump campaign communications director.

“Congrats to Peter Doocy the new Governor of NY!” tweeted Jack Posobiec of Human Events.

Spencer Brown, the managing editor over at or sister site Townhall, also joined in.I didn’t know Peter Doocy was a sitting governor? I also missed the part where Steve Doocy was consulting off the books with his relative’s staff on how to handle sexual misconduct allegations?”

I waiting for the part where Steve Doocy declines to ask Governor Peter Doocy about his policies that resulted in a mass casualty event in nursing homes,” joked Matthew Kolken, the former director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

“Do better next time, Jeremy,” Curtis Houck, the managing editor of Newsbusters, tweeted. “If you wanna keep doing that sort of thing, just go work for Matt Dornic or Brian Stelter.”

Nicholas Fondacaro, also of Newsbusters, jumped in too: “This is a very smooth-brain take, Jeremy. Steve and Peter work for the same media company. Chris was using his position at a media company to help cover up his brother’s scandals whether it was his deadly handling of COVID or his sexual misconduct, and go after his opponents.”

“Man, you are really stretching here,” Washington Times reporter Mike Glenn tweeted to Barr.

There are so many great tweets mocking Barr’s absurd tweet, but this might be my favorite: