The Morning Briefing: So Much for Hoping That Democrats Wouldn't Be Awful Filth During the ACB Hearings

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This Is Who the Democrats Are Now

I hope you are all having a wild, wonderful, and happy Wednesday, my Kruiser Morning Briefing friends.

Well, we had hopes, didn’t we?

There had been a lot of talk in the mainstream media recently that the Democrats were privately worrying about a repeat of their awfulness during the Kavanaugh confirmation while grilling Amy Coney Barrett to join him on the court. They weren’t worrying about being awful people, of course, they just thought that the optics of it might have negative repercussions for them this close to the election.

After the way they treated ACB on Tuesday it’s safe to say they’ve gotten over those worries.

The display put on by the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee on Tuesday ranged from just sad to a most perfect display of what demented partisan hatred can do to a person.

Kamala Harris finally peeled off that campaign aura of calm and reminded us all just how off-putting she is. Harris remained in her office to question Barrett, just to keep the COVID panic porn ratcheted up.

Rather than being thoughtful — which she’s probably incapable of anyway — Harris opted for ad hominem:

By the way, Kennedy’s turn at the mic was beyond epic. He made an Animal House reference and referred to Boston University’s Ibram X. Kendi as “some butthead professor” for calling Barrett a “white colonizer” because she adopted children of color. The GOP could use ten more of him.

Amy Klobuchar was fairly pathetic, admitting that she’d kind of hoped it would be her who was nominated for the Supreme Court one day rather than Barrett.

Gotcha, Sen. Sour Grapes.

Klobuchar flailed about while questioning ACB about Roe v Wade and precedent. ACB got her so twisted around at one point that Klobuchar was unable to get out a coherent sentence. That prompted this from me:

Here’s hoping that none of Klobuchar’s staffers got a clipboard concussion after that.

The vilest display of partisan hatred came from the pinched, bitter, and probably evil Mazie Hirono, the senator from Hawaii.

Matt wrote about it:

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), however, will be remembered for asking something no one else asked. During her time to question Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Hirono asked, “Since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature?”

Barrett had children in the room when Hirono asked that, by the way.

There was nothing in Barrett’s record to prompt the question, it was asked out of pure spite. Hirono is garbage for asking it and so are the Democrats for not condemning her.

Look at the anger on their faces. The all-consuming hatred as a result of their Trump Derangement Syndrome has made them ugly inside and out.

Yet these are the people who say they’re going to heal the country from the president who has mean tweets.

The best part of the spectacle is the utter poise, grace, and class that Amy Coney Barrett is providing as a contrast to the emotional and intellectual pig sty-wallowing of the Democrats on the committee. It’s terrible that she has to go through this but, like Brett Kavanaugh, she’s made of better stuff than they are so she’ll weather it.

Sadly, this vindictive, hateful turn the Democrats have committed to has probably taken them to a place from which they won’t be able to return.

As I sad at the top: this is who they are now.

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