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[VIDEO] Republican Challenger Joe Collins Wallops 'Mansion' Maxine Waters in Hard-Hitting Ad

Screenshot from Joe Collins ad on YouTube.

Rep. Maxine Waters, a left-wing Democrat, has been in Congress since 1990, and she was in the California Assembly for 14 years before that.

That’s 44 years as a “public servant.”

U.S. Navy veteran Joe Collins is challenging Waters for California’s 43rd Congressional District and is out with this devastating ad. Take a look.

The ad is called “Mansion Maxine” and it makes three major points: Rep. Maxine Waters has somehow become a millionaire while in public office; Waters doesn’t even live in the 43rd District; during her watch, this Los Angeles district is suffering from high crime, human trafficking, and other ills and Waters has failed to do anything about it.

The ad comes with this handy map, showing where Rep. Waters’ $6 million mansion is — and where it isn’t.

Map from Joe Collins’ “Mansion Maxine” ad. Screenshot from YouTube.

Have any local or national media looked into Waters’ residency or the sources of her wealth?

The ad features Collins, who grew up in the 43rd, walking around and showing viewers what life is really like in the district Waters does not live in. It’s not pretty. He notes that he survived a drive-by shooting when he was a kid. That may have been around the time Waters was picking out the china for her massive mansion.

Collins is taking a page from Kim Klacik, the young Republican who is vying for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District. Klacik came out of the blocks with a similarly powerful ad, called “Black Lives Don’t Matter to Democrats,” showing her walking around Baltimore’s streets introducing viewers to the dreadful conditions in the city.

Both candidates would have to be considered long shots to win in these heavily Democratic districts (Waters tends to win with more than 70% of the vote). But their message is strong: Democrats are failing their own citizens. Where Democrats dominate, so do crime, poverty, injustice, and indifference. It’s past time for a change.

Joe Collins appeared on a local newscast Monday and delivered another simple message: It’s time to retire “Mansion” Maxine Waters.

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