Election 2020

[WATCH] Joe Biden Just Made Another Trump Ad

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Yesterday was not a great day for Joe Biden. He’s running for the Senate again and can’t remember the name of that Mormon guy he ran against in 2012. Anyone who thinks he’s cognitively capable of running the country needs to have their own head examined. As he and his running mate have foreshadowed, this will be a Harris administration. The only question is how soon after the inauguration that will happen if they win.

However, there is one fact that may stand in the way of that eventuality. People generally tend to vote in their own best interest. Recently Gallup asked respondents if they believe they are better off now than they were four years ago. A record-shattering 56% said yes in the midst of a global pandemic; all other incumbents who were re-elected scored in the mid-40s.

A brave reporter asked Joe Biden about this result. The nominee finally gave an honest answer:

This is 100% accurate. All 56% of voters who think they are better off today, despite all of the pandemic chaos, should absolutely vote for Donald Trump. It is clear through polling that a similar proportion trusts President Trump more to manage the economy.

Another Gallup poll in January showed that Americans felt better about almost everything, including race relations:

(Gallup poll screenshot)

Amazing what happens when everybody is working, seeing real wage increases, and feels safer and more secure. President Trump did that and is the only candidate in the race who can do it again. Kamala Harris proved what an empty suit she is at the vice-presidential debate. And when the transition team is bottom-barreling it on whispers for cabinet positions, it only looks worse. When your top contenders for Attorney General are Grandma Killer Andrew Cuomo and Fake Governor Stacey Abrams, the bench is pretty bare.

Kamala Harris received about 2% of the vote in the Democrat primary and was losing in her home state when she dropped out before a single vote was cast. She is so cravenly political that she agreed to share a ticket with a man whom she called both a racist and sexual predator. The real race is between Harris and Trump. If Biden has too many more days like yesterday, that will become increasingly apparent.

The Trump campaign should take this clip and build an ad immediately touting the previous economic gains and post-pandemic recovery progress. Review how this administration has made Americans safer and how it will continue to do so by standing up to China. The reality voters need to be reminded of is the gains this administration has made to make all Americans’ lives better.

Even Joe Biden agrees.