The Kruiser Kabana Episode 73: ACB's Flaming Archangel Sword of Roe-Killing Fury

Man, I Wish I Could Draw

I may be in the market for an illustrator to collaborate with here soon. I’m the word guy but for reasons I haven’t been able to figure out I’ve been thinking about over-the-top illustrations inspired by the Democrats’ fear of Amy Coney Barrett. The pictures are all absurd, of course, but so are the Dems’ fears.

Our good friends at The Babylon Bee have been stepping up with some visuals:

The “flaming archangel sword” line that I used in the headline popped into my head early (for me) on Monday before my coffee had kicked in. It’s a good visual, and you just know that’s how she probably appears in the diseased minds of most of the Democrats out there.

Fear is what is really causing their ignorance, of course. Most liberals don’t understand how the Supreme Court works so they really think a judge can just show up and start wreaking havoc with any laws they want to.

Their fear entertains me. During Tuesday’s ACB hearings she spent some time actually educating libs as to why they were wrong but they all probably just heard “ORANGE MAN BAD HANDMAID’S TALE SUPER BREEDER!!!!!” ringing in their ears and didn’t learn anything.

Good news, Kabana fans: We’re scheduled to record what we’re calling the “Reverse Triggered” episode this Friday. Townhall’s Matt Vespa and Storm Paglia will be my guests. It will be our first episode with more than one guest so I expect much merriment.

And whimsy.

Not enough whimsy anymore.



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