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The Great Leftist Voter Suppression Fallacy: Transgender Edition

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It’s Voter Suppression Story Time Again

Gather ’round the fire, my fellow Americans. It’s time for more tales from the Democratic Book of Fantastical Folklore. Today’s story is about transgender voter suppression.

As I am fond of writing and saying (I’m also fond of quoting myself), when everything is a crisis, nothing is a crisis. The Democrats are in perma-crisis mode about almost everything, but they’ve been at it with what they perceive as “voter suppression” longer than they have almost anything else.

And let us be clear on our terms here. Anything that doesn’t involve them walking with you right up to the point when you receive your ballot and telling you for whom and what to vote is “voter suppression” to a Democrat.

We recently had a perfect illustration of this from a former Democratic senator:

That’s right, having an overwhelming number of people showing up to vote is “a picture of voter suppression” in the McCaskillian talking-point fever dream.

The Democrats are so adept at locking onto their hive-mind talking points that words often lose all meaning to them. As we all know, however, little things like logic and precise language are never at the core of arguments that modern Democrats make. When you’re dealing with a political ideology that is strictly emotion-based, such things aren’t important.

Speaking of feelings, CNN has another eye-roller to add to the fairy tale collection:

Koby Ozias might have been kept from voting if he hadn’t known his rights.

Ozias, a transgender man from Corpus Christi, Texas, couldn’t afford to legally change his name or update his ID before he went to vote in state elections in November 2013.

He brought his old ID — with a name he no longer used and a photo that no longer resembled him — to the polls that year. Poll workers grilled him on his identity. They attempted to stop him from voting, he told CNN. He insisted he was the person in his picture.

The third word in this almost tale of woe is “might,” which lets you know right away that it didn’t happen.

Ozias goes on to say that he has been a poll worker and on provisional ballot boards. If true, that means he knew he was going to have trouble before he went to vote.

What really happened was that the poll workers he encountered did their due diligence and then ultimately allowed him to vote.

There is so much “kinda/sorta/maybe/might” language in this CNN article that it would be better suited to a creative writing class at a really crappy school.

For example:

Voter ID requirements, purportedly put in place to prevent voter fraud, typically end up keeping Black, indigenous and transgender voters from voting at all if they don’t have the proper identification, critics say.

A key component of the Democrats’ voter-suppression myth is the notion that all white people are born with state-issued identification cards but it’s a Sisyphean task for anyone who isn’t white to obtain one. They’ll cherry-pick the occasional example of a 93-year-old woman who couldn’t get to the DMV for an ID and act as if that’s evidence of a nationwide problem.

The premise of the article is undone by the article itself a little more than halfway through:

It’s rare to hear about a transgender person being turned away at the polls, trans advocates told CNN. It’s much more likely that the barriers to voting, be it an ID issue or fear of discrimination, keep trans people from even attempting to vote.

The writer then uses this as a launching point to go into a boilerplate leftist argument about why voter ID requirements are the devil, which I suspect was the only point of this piece.

The reality of the statement is the “rare to hear” part. “It’s much more likely” is a hunch that can’t easily be proven. The argument that almost everyone in a particular demographic wants to vote but is being prevented from doing so is rather difficult to make in a country that is notoriously — and sadly — known for its voter apathy.

They’ll keep trying though.

They’ll also continue to be wrong.

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