Election 2020

'Powerful' President Trump Is Back and Triggering Everyone with Dancing and Kisses

President Donald Trump throw face masks into the crowd as he arrives for a campaign rally at Orlando Sanford International Airport, Monday, Oct. 12, 2020, in Sanford, Fla. AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Trump has beaten the Chinese WuFlu like the beast that he is, testing negative on Tuesday for all traces of the coronavirus. He made his first public appearance since being released from Walter Reed Medical Center on Friday, rallying with thousands of supporters on the tarmac at the Orlando Sanford International Airport. The president appeared to be in excellent health with the energy of a man twenty years younger. Trump began the event by tossing masks at the crowd. You could almost hear leftist Twitter losing its mind.

Right on cue, Axios condemned the president for not wearing a mask. But if the point is to “protect others,” then he doesn’t need one since he’s had COVID-19 already. They know this is not a winning complaint, right?

Trump was his usual boisterous, joke-cracking self. And it’s increasingly hilarious when the opposition pretends not to get the joke. Do they know how humorless they are? This is hysterically funny. Watch the president make a crowd roar with laughter (which is good for you, like a medicine. Try it!). I’ve watched this at least ten times and I laugh every single time, especially when he gets to the part about kissing all the guys. Who’s homophobic now, huh?

Trump triggers all the right people so effortlessly (but artfully) that it should be studied in major universities. How does he do it? He then topped off the evening with his famous Trump dance. Contrary to the lie claiming his jiggle is the result of being hopped up on steroids, Trump has danced at almost every rally since forever. Trump knows his “dad dance” is a pop-culture thing that everyone loves. Saturday Night Live made Trump’s moves famous (see video at the bottom of this post).



Everyone needs to chill out and enjoy a good joke once in a while without trying to make an impeachable offense out of it. But will they? Will the media just leave it alone and let the man tell a joke? Of course, they won’t.