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The answer may surprise you!
Forget 'Baywatch.' These films with The Rock are a far better choice.
"Their blood will continue to run like rivers."
Our ancestors chose freedom. Let's not forget what it means.
Suffering? The movie's answer is better than none at all, but still not enough.
Memorial Day edition.
The gender mavens of our time are as prurient as the witch hunters of old.
Be careful what you wish for; it might be gaining on you.
"Despicable when our most vulnerable veterans are targeted by criminals pretending to help them receive federal benefits,” says Florida senator.
"I don’t believe in diplomacy by public abuse, but in my bilateral dialogues I won’t let anything pass," French president says.
Angela Merkel gets the bad news from Trump, and doesn't much like it.
What do these misquoted verses really mean?
Could there be a different explanation for U.S. measles outbreaks?
McCaul: "Arduous" process currently hiring one agent per 150 to 200 applicants.
Kinzinger slams Dems' calls for impeachment and Republicans dismissing Russia probe as “fake news."
Whether you believe stealthing is sexual assault or not, I hope that you believe that it's an abhorrent sin before God.
Whitehouse: “In a perfect world, cabinet positions wouldn’t be for sale to billionaire campaign donors."
Police reviewing "information publicly available about the suspect's extremist ideology."
“Jerusalem should have never been a bargaining chip to bring Palestinians to the negotiating table," says Franks.
A new low for the Left,the Deep State and the Media.