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A Southern California sunrise Instagram from my window.

As we start shifting in the coming months to increasing the quantity of content at PJ Lifestyle I’m going to start doing a weekly summary linking to everything and offering a few comments to encourage others to start following the work of these unique writers.



Monday’s lead articles strive to focus on family and parenting issues.

The Muslim Family: An Empire of Fear by Robert Spencer

Each week at PJ Lifestyle Robert Spencer applies his deep understanding of Islam to exploring how the Muslim family model differs from the Western style of parenting. This week he explains some of the problems with Dinesh D’Souza’s efforts to woo “socially conservative” Muslims.

Think You Could Never Homeschool? by Paula Bolyard

Paula Bolyard is going to start exploring homeschooling each week, explaining her family’s experiences.

Humanity’s Destiny? Howard Bloom: ‘Garden The Solar System, Green the Galaxy’ by Dave Swindle

This article is another effort from me to blend two rival subcultures together. I explain why the secular/science/futurist minded need to listen to the Bible thumpers if they want to have any hope of their space colonies surviving. Humans can — and will — colonize the cosmos over the course of this century. But to get there we need to pursue it with the same attitudes as the religious radicals who colonized America — with Bible in hand.

Cross Posts from PJ Columnists:

Is California Doomed? by Andrew Klavan

The new book The Beholden State from the smart thinkers at City Journal sounds like essential reading.

Hollywood ‘Completely Broke.’ But That’s Good News, Right? by Ed Driscoll

Did you know that DVDs made up 50% of Hollywood’s profits? Game over.

It was a Diamond-Crusted BlackBerry by Stephen Green

Vodkapundit highlights a shameless example of DNC workers engaging in insurance fraud.

‘Fathers Haven’t the Same Sentimental Appeal That Mothers Have.’ by Helen Smith

Who made Father’s Day a National Holiday?


One of the new hobbies I’ve explored this spring: hummingbird watching.



On Tuesdays we’re going to begin exploring more international and regional perspectives on culture. The Canadian Kathy Shaidle and British Theodore Dalrymple will set the focus but in coming months PJ Lifestyle will feature additional perspectives reporting on culture and lifestyle from around the country and the globe…

Conrad Black Still Loves You, America (In Spite of Everything) By Kathy Shaidle

Kathy Shaidle begins a new series exploring the fascinating — and sometimes downright bizarre — ideas of author and former media mogul Conrad Black. Part 2, coming tomorrow is fascinating. Kathy explains how the very pro-American and generally conservative Black still defends FDR in spite of Amity Shlaes’s scholarship.

Are Antibiotic-Resistant Diseases Mother Nature’s Revenge? By Theodore Dalrymple

Each week Theodore Dalrymple explores health and medicine controversies. This week: the problem of diseases that develop resistance to treatments.

Thumbs Up to a Tech Solution for EBT Fraud by Timothy Imholt, Ph.D. and David Forsmark

My friend Dave Forsmark usually reviews books for PJ Lifestyle but last week he teamed with a friend to make the case for how to use technology to dramatically reduce the ability of criminals to scam the government.

Cross Posts from PJ Columnists and the Tatler:

China: Snowden Case Like Shawshank Redemption By Bridget Johnson

Men On Strike at the Wall Street Journal by Dr. Helen Smith 



On Wednesdays Hannah Sternberg and Becky Graebner lead the pack with starting the conversation about friendships and relationships.

Bad Advice: Stop Chasing Your Dreams By Hannah Sternberg

Hannah’s weekly advice column gets better and better each week. If you haven’t discovered yet then this week is a good one with which to start.


4 Reasons Why Netflix’s House of Cards Is Such a Hit by Becky Graebner

Becky’s ongoing series dissecting the themes and relationships of House of Cards is almost finished. This is part 7. Here are the previous installments:

May 8: 3 Washington D.C. Stereotypes House of Cards Hits Too Close for Comfort

May 15: The House of Cards Vision of Infidelity: More Fact than Fiction

May 22: Seduce Your Way to the Top? Meet The Anne Boleyns of Washington, D.C.

May 29: Why We Love to Hate Politicians

June 5: Can ‘Evil’ Sometimes Be Good?

June 12: House of Cards, Part 6: A Cast of Master Obfuscators

Hot Disney Rumor: Is Star Wars Land Coming To Disney’s Hollywood Studios? By Chris Queen

Chris is my partner in Disney fanaticism. After he submitted this one it occurred to me that in the coming years with Disney’s recent purchase of all things Star Wars that he should collaborate with Walter Hudson, our resident Star Wars philosopher. I emailed them both on Wednesday and urged my friends to get their heads together.

How To Avoid Very Painful Kidney Stones by Clayton Cramer

A thoughtful, useful piece from Clayton. I hope he’s feeling better now!

Cross Posts from PJ Columnists:

RIP Vince Flynn by Andrew Klavan 


Maura, the beloved Siberian Husky.


Thursdays aim to explore various aspects of “geek culture.” Chris Queen focuses on DisneyWorld and theme park news, Walter keeps up on video game news. Other writers will start in the coming weeks and months.

Horizons: Walt Disney’s Lost Futuristic Legacy by Chris Queen

Market > Microsoft: Unpopular Xbox One Features Abandoned by Walter Hudson

Daily Question: Does Obsessing Over Zombie Apocalypse Reveal a Lust to Escape Modernity?

I’d saved this excerpt from Douglas Rushkoff’s Present Shock for the weekend of World War Z’s release.


Cross Posts from PJ Columnists:

RIP James Gandolfini, TV’s Tony Soprano By Ed Driscoll

Friendships with Fictional Characters by Richard Fernandez

With the death of James Gandolfini after years of drug abuse I’m reminded of this post I wrote at the beginning of June commending Philip Seymour Hoffman for checking into rehab after falling back into addiction

I remember getting into an argument with one of the commenters who insisted that celebrities should NOT be praised for seeking help in treating their addictions…

I wrote about my dislike of The Sopranos last year and connected the show’s embrace with the country’s tolerance of Barack Obama’s malevolence: Why This Election Year America Is Carmela Soprano

Big Pill to Swallow: Taxpayers to Pay for Illegal Immigrants’ Med School By Roger Kimball

Roger Kimball is always reliable for highlighting the new extremes of the academic postmodernists and utopians.

Man of Steel: ‘I’m As American As It Gets’ By Stephen Green

I still haven’t seen Man of Steel yet but sympathize with Stephen’s points. With my wife in the Bahamas this month on an art trip my usual moviegoing companion has not been available. Perhaps we’ll see a matinee this weekend — she gets back on Friday, finally.

Cross Posts from the Tatler:

‘Sexual Jihad’ in Syria by Roger L. Simon

Washington State Dems to Holder: Don’t Tread on Our Pot Legalization By Bridget Johnson


Books I picked up at the library on Friday. The Tocqueville book from Ledeen is AWESOME. The Walker Percy titles were at the suggestion of a reader.


Begin each Friday with John Boot stepping on Hollywood. Leading into the weekend we like to focus on books, movies, history, and ideas on Friday.

5 Sure Signs Brad Pitt Is in Paycheck Mode by John Boot


John explains why World War Z is Brad Pitt at his most brainless — very unfortunate when he’s capable of so much more.

The Dark Side of Paula Deen? by Chris Queen

Chris is the man I turn to for understanding Southern culture. With the Paula Deen controversy I knew who to email.

Bad Advice for Zombie Apocalypse Survivors by Hannah Sternberg

I’ve asked Hannah to expand her Bad Advice column to start providing advice to fictional characters too…

Is Man of Steel the Year’s Best Sci-Fi Film? By Walter Hudson

OK, So Not Everything Walt Disney Touched Turned To Gold… By Chris Queen

On Fridays Chris is going to explore the history of the Disney, figuring out what ideas and values enabled the company to become the most influential American culture advocate of the 20th century.

Reprint: What Does Killing Zombies Teach Us About Being Human? by Walter Hudson

This article from Walter’s Video Games, Villains and Values series seemed an appropriate one to think about again on this Zombie themed day. Here are the others, which I plan to collect soon into another compilation:

The first grouping of Walter’s articles can be found here: Walter Hudson’s Guide For Making Peace Between Christians and Objectivists

The NBA Belongs to LeBron James By Rick Moran

I speak sports with the same level of fluency as Swahili. It’s great to have Rick helping out on the subject.

Cross Posts from PJ Columnists:

Uh-oh: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Daughter’s Name… by Ed Driscoll

James Gandolfini’s Legacy By Stephen Green


With a hat tip to Vodkapundit Stephen Green.


Charlie Martin and Sarah Hoyt are the leaders of Self-Improvement Saturday. They’re developing the 13 Weeks Method, figuring out how to use technology and New Media to track life changes. I plan to join them in coming weeks as I get back into more diligence with my 13 Weeks Radical Reading Regimen.

Is Obesity a Disease? By Charlie Martin

Organizing Your Creative Life In 13 Weeks by Sarah Hoyt

After 13 weeks of novel writing advice Sarah decided to expand her focus for the next season. Now she’s developing a method for all creative homebound workers. Here’s how to start to get organized to create.

2 More Roadblocks For Electric Vehicles By Becky Graebner

Becky has been providing great coverage of cars and technology the past few months. In the future I’ll start featuring more of her car posts on Thursdays with the other “geek” coverage.

Sci/Tech News Flash: New Technique Promises a Petabyte on a DVD by Charlie Martin 

New Great Awakening: Should Pastors and Churches Be Involved In Politics? by Paula Bolyard 

Mea culpa: this post from Paula, expanding on her article two weeks ago on the push to inspire another Great Awakening of religious belief was meant for publication on Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday. But I goofed and scheduled it a day early so it was a lead-in to religion-themed Sunday… I won’t make that mistake again. Hopefully.


Maura at the park on Sunday.


Sundays will explore religion from a variety of perspectives and traditions. Susan L.M. Goldberg is currently analyzing popular culture through her lens of Biblical Feminism and P. David Hornik contemplates the balance of sacred and secular from his perspective in Israel. In the future I’ll present collections of some of the articles they’ve written over the last six month — both are really developing some rich themes.


Money: Is That What Girls Goddesses Really Want? By Susan L.M. Goldberg

This is part 3 of her ongoing series. Parts 1 and 2 can be read here.

Near-Death Experiences: 2 Books Provide More Compelling Evidence By P. David Hornik

I never paid much mind to these kinds of stories in the past but the science is starting to catch up with the spirituality…

Food Network Cans Paula Deen By Chris Queen

BREAKING: Sex May Result in Children by Walter Hudson 

Walter Hudson is going to explore the connection between God and fatherhood on Sundays. Check out his piece last week in which he started exploring this theme: What My Sons Teach Me About God

Militant Buddhism by Charlie Martin

And Charlie brings some Eastern wisdom each week as he develops a new approach to Buddhism.

580167_10101260883291778_231446314_n (1)

Let’s drink to a great work. I’ll be back next Monday with another collection of this week’s articles…

Have any suggestions or feedback about PJ Lifestyle? Want to write a letter to the editor for publication? Send me an email at DaveSwindlePJM {@} gmail.com


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