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James Gandolfini’s Legacy

No Tony Soprano, no Don Draper and Walter White?

Stephen Green


June 21, 2013 - 2:00 pm
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Here it is:

We had been told all our lives that we would not watch an ongoing series about such a man. A bruising, foul-mouthed giant with a dent in his forehead was the villain, not the protagonist. TV had always made compromises, always made sure that “flawed” heroes were ultimately redeemable and lovable.

Tony Soprano was not. And we loved him, often despite ourselves.

And his work on the show made possible Vic Mackey, Al Swearengen, Walter White, Don Draper and every complicated, riveting anti-hero (or worse) who followed him. “The Sopranos” was an enormous hit, and told the business that the old rules need no longer apply.

With one role he changed an industry for the better. That’s a helluva thing.

(H/T, Gruber.)

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When you're looking for dumb, it just pops right up in front of you...
1 year ago
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If Tony Soprano gave us Walter White, then that alone means that TS will always have mega-fans.
1 year ago
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James Gandolfini's legacy is getting hammered on shots and pina coladas in front of his 13 year old son. I'm sorry he died but what the heck was he thinking?
1 year ago
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