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Called on nations to "avoid a dual policy of making a distinction between good and bad terrorists."
"Pure white Prophetic flag symbolizing loftiness of the Word of Allah once again being raised," claim Taliban.
Group promotes and lauds Kabul attack this week that killed two Americans.
Terror group was the first to officially challenge Trump morning after election.
"We are not terrorists but we are fighting our religious war," explains group behind Times Square car bomb.
General says the Haqqani network still poses "the greatest threat to Americans."
"Use of force and wicked conspiracies will only prolong and complicate this issue," terror group tells Trump.
U.S. general commanding coalition forces says counterterrorism effort needs troop, assistance levels.
Group not considered terrorists by White House warns West they're bringing jihad to "your homes, your capitals, your countries."
"Do not exert any further efforts into turning... children of America into sacrificial animals."
Nicholson also confirms Russia has been aiding al-Qaeda ally Taliban over the past year.
Afghan officials say members of Pakistani Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba killed in blast.