OUTRAGEOUS: Biden Might Send Foreign Aid to the Taliban

America's back. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh.)

In what would be the most egregious example maybe ever of “Thank you, sir, may I have another?” Presidentish Joe Biden might send foreign aid to the Taliban Islamist government of Afghanistan, according to a Sunday report from the Associated Press.


According to the Taliban — whose statements usually ought to be taken with an entire salt lick — the Biden Administration has agreed to free up humanitarian aid to the country Biden fully abandoned to the Taliban’s tender mercies.

The agreement reportedly does not include U.S. recognition of the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

The U.S. “made it clear” that the agreement is not a first step towards recognition, according to the AP, although a State Department spokesman said the talks were “candid and professional.”

A Taliban spokesman in Doha, where the talks were held, said the discussions “went well.”

You can be sure at least that much is accurate, since it appears that American taxpayers are going to bail the Taliban out of the crisis created by the Taliban… and Joe Biden.

Apparently, completely humiliating the U.S. military last August and stranding untold numbers of American citizens and green card holders behind wasn’t enough for Biden.

Now we get to pay to help clean up the mess created wherever Islamic radicals rule.

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