No Joke: State Department Cranky About Taliban's Lack of Diversity

AP Photo/Zabi Karimi

Just when we thought the Biden administration couldn’t be more doltish, the State Department expressed concern over a lack of diversity in the new Taliban government in Afghanistan. I don’t know if the new government is diverse or not. The entire crew does appear to be brown, bearded men of Muslim faith, but, unlike the bigots in the State Department, I refuse to assume gender.


“We have made clear our expectation that the Afghan people deserve an inclusive government,” a State Department spokesperson declared in a statement. The notification then went on to state that the leadership announced by the Taliban “consists exclusively of individuals who are members of the Taliban or their close associates and no women.”

Why would women want a “cushy” government job with the Taliban? The State Department doesn’t seem to understand that the Taliban set women on fire when they screw up dinner. Imagine dropping the ball on trade talks with China. I somehow don’t see the ladies of Afghanistan heading over to to snag a government gig.

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“Naomi, call Minister Abdull, see where he stands on climate change, then come in here to get whipped for TALKING TO A MAN ON THE PHONE!.”

Also, nothing ruins Casual Friday quite like having your face splashed with acid for taking off your veil.

Next, the State Department is going to complain that the Afghan government doesn’t have a lot of folks from the LGBT crowd. Call me prejudiced, but I’m guessing the Taliban celebrates Pride Month a little differently.


Perhaps the jackanapes at Afghanistan’s “rainbow railroad” should stop smuggling gay people out of the country and leave a few for the all new, mostly peaceful Taliban administration.

One of the new leaders of Afghanistan, Sirajuddin Haqqani, recently had a $5 million FBI bounty on his head. The feds just jacked it up to $10 million. He is wanted for a 2008 hotel attack in Kabul that killed six people, including one American. Some were men and some were women, proving that Haqqani believes in gender equity.


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